Web of Boredom

Computer Problems

I have found that the Internet is starting to no longer hold my attention. And I cannot tell you how extremely happy I am to find this to be true.

All we do when we sit down in front of our computers is push buttons, and the more I realize this, the more I think about how much of my life I’m wasting behind a screen. What is sitting here really doing for me? It’s wasting time.

I mean, sure, in some circumstances, computers are most definitely helpful. They can provide a way to access an incredible amount of information. They can perform calculations in mere seconds. They can allow us to communicate with others, to express ourselves, to shout to the world from the privacy of our own homes. I enjoy using the Internet for this very reason: so that I can connect with others and and show someone else my viewpoint. It’s the easiest and fastest way to get my thoughts down on paper (figuratively), and I can show them to others and give them something to think about.

But the more I sit here, the more I realize that I usually just waste time when I don’t really have a reason to be here. My days are numbered, just like yours are, and I want to actually do something with them while I can. I want to use my time wisely, so I think from now on all of my Internet trips will be more purposeful.

Because boredly wandering will take me nowhere.

Comic from http://xkcd.com/722/