Ode to My Taco

This is going to be a short post, but I just wanted to write a quick ode to my taco.

(I can hear the confusion now.) Erm, what? Your… taco?

That’s right, ladies and gents: my taco. And I’m not talking about some delicious concoction I whipped up in the kitchen or purchased from a street cart in Mexico; I’m in fact referring to my chair.


I’ve had this puppy since high school. I got it as a Christmas present from Santa (I think in my junior or senior year?) and it’s been a part of my life ever since. It’s seen me at my best and my worst. I’ve slept in this thing on more than one occasion. It’s so perfectly comfortable and easy to curl up in. I’ve read many a book, watched many a movie, and written many a blog post in it. And when it’s folded up, it’s shaped like a taco!

When we were living in Seattle, there wasn’t really a good place to put it. It didn’t quite fit with our decor (though it was in the same color scheme) and we just couldn’t find a way to make it work. So it remained folded up in our (giant) closet for two whole years, coming out only once or twice when the mood struck me and I just had to sit in it.

And I think a little part of me was really sad about that. I longed for its cushiony ways, for the days that I spent reading in it or surfing the web or studying. But try as we might, the taco and our living room just weren’t friends, so in the closet it remained.

Then came time to move to New York. I got rid of a whole bunch of stuff, but I couldn’t bear to part with my taco. I knew it was completely unreasonable to bring it with me; if there wasn’t room in Seattle, there surely wouldn’t be room in New York. But when we got here and set everything up, I realized there was a perfect spot for it! I transformed a corner of our living room into a reading nook, with my taco taking center stage.

I’m writing now from it. Just sitting here makes me so happy. I’ve made so many memories here, mostly by myself, but in a way, this chair feels like home to me. It’s not particularly pretty or even very grown-up, but it’s mine. So thanks, taco. I appreciate you always having my back. Here’s to more years of comfort and friendship.


Today’s Tidbits

Today just feels like it’s so full of potential. And I’m so excited about it.

I put up one of my white boards in my room. Now I can make lists whenever I want to – yay!

I also painted my nails this morning. I got the polish when I was down at the beach – it’s this deep purple-y color that changes to green when looked at in different light. Since painting them I keep looking at them, rotating my hands back and forth to see my nails change color… it’s so cool! I don’t know if I’ll lose interest in them before the polish wears off.

Yesterday I started watching three TV shows: Lost, Doctor Who, and How I Met Your Mother. So far I like all three. Not love, yet, but I think that’ll take time. I’ve seen six episodes of How I Met Your Mother – I watched a few this morning after taking a psychology quiz for class. It’s not the greatest show I’ve ever seen, but I do like it mostly because of Marshall and Lily. The show starts with them getting engaged, and they’re such an adorable couple. They’ve been together for nine years, and you can tell they really love each other. (yes, I realize this is a TV show… but it’s still so wonderful and cute!) It gives me hope for couples and happiness and the future, so I’ll keep watching. Everyone else is funny, but not as amazing as they are. As to the other two shows, I need to see more before I can comment properly!

Now I’ve got to get up from my big comfy saucer chair (oh, how I miss you when I’m at school!) and clean, which I actually feel motivated to do. I feel like great things are coming – things I’m going to need to think a lot about – and I want lots of space for them when they do.