We’re here!

We arrived in New York yesterday afternoon. Our flight was quick, and I had so much legroom! We got to sit in an exit row seat on a 757, so it was almost more room than I knew what to do with. I want to sit there every time I fly on one of those planes. I made friends with one of the flight attendants, and it was fun hearing her story. She’s from Chicago and has been working for the airline for 30 years. She has a whole bunch of crazy cool hobbies, like papermaking and teaching Burmese people how to speak English. It was really inspiring talking to her, and it reenergized me and reminded me that this world is so big and that I can have crazy cool hobbies too.


All the legroom!

JFK is a really big airport, and we must have walked a mile to get to where we were picked up. I was so excited to spot the city on our flight and drive in! We got to our new apartment pretty quickly, and gosh, I don’t even know what to say about it. It feels so New York. It’s in this really cool brick building, and it’s on the first floor. It’s got hardwood floors, full-size appliances (!), and a washer/dryer (!!). It’s definitely tinier than our last place, and the bedroom is itty-bitty, but I’m so excited to make it home.

Seeing it from the plane!

Seeing New York from the plane!

We’ve already started exploring our neighborhood (East Village). We live in such a cool place! Already we’ve been to two different restaurants and a coffee shop. The place I’m in now is called Pushcart – it’s not too far from our apartment, and it opened this morning for the first time! I feel like we’re kindred spirits somehow – we’re starting our NYC adventure together.

We slept on the floor last night, and we’re living very simply until our furniture comes in a couple weeks. We went to Kmart (they exist here in the big city… but somehow Target does not) last night and stocked up on bare essentials (plastic plates and cups, paper towels, etc.). I think I’m going to go back today and get another twin-sized air mattress: I saw they were on sale, and even with padding, the floor is really hard! We’ve already been to Duane Reade (the drugstore) twice. Another cool thing: there’s a Trader Joe’s not too far from us!


Our sleeping arrangement for the next 10 days or so

Already I’ve had such a good time wandering around and watching people. Everyone is so different, both from what I’ve known previously and from each other. I feel like I’m getting great fashion ideas just by keeping my eyes open. I have this overwhelming feeling of friendliness: while it is big, the city doesn’t feel scary to me. I want to go up to everyone and ask them about themselves and about their relationship to this place. I want to be friends with them all. And I feel like I can be.

(I also have seen a lot of runners around, and at all times of the day. Where on earth do you run? I want to ask them. Can I come too?)

For being so close to a pretty busy intersection, our apartment is surprisingly quiet. But when I walked out the front door about an hour ago, I was hit with a wave of energy, almost like a thumping of life that I could feel as clear as my heartbeat. We really did it, I thought. We made it. We’re here. This city is now ours to call home. And I’m so excited about that.


We’re Moving!

WordPress informed me that it’s been almost three months since my last post. Jeez, I’m so bad at keeping at this! I love it though, especially going back and reading what I’ve written through the years. And so much has happened since my last post! I think the gist of it can be summed up in five words:

We’re moving to New York.

Yes, that’s right! We are leaving Seattle and moving across the country to a new city. And not just any new city: the biggest one in the US, and arguably the coolest! Davis got an opportunity within his company and will be working out of the NYC office, so we’re headed to the Big Apple. And when I say “we’re moving”, I don’t mean it’s going to happen in a few weeks. I mean we’re moving right now.

See, this whole thing has been brewing for a couple months, and after thinking about it and planning and packing as best we can, we’ve pulled the trigger. While I’m writing this, movers are in our apartment packing us up. I’m seated on the couch, trying not to get in the way but here if they need me. I feel so lucky that Davis’ company is helping us with this – I don’t know how we’d do a cross-country move otherwise.

I told my company about the move and am lucky enough to have the opportunity to work remotely, which I’m grateful for. Davis had to go to NYC for work a few weeks ago and found us an apartment while he was back there (in East Village! It’s gonna be awesome!). I’ve been running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to get ready. We’ve packed the clothes and things we’re going to need for the next two weeks in a couple suitcases so that we have stuff to live with while most of our belongings are making their way across the country. I’m shipping my car to my brother this weekend (because who wants a car in NYC?). We’re well into saying our goodbyes here too, and that’s been tough. I think the hardest will be Davis’ family, who we’re staying with for the next couple days while we wrap things up here.

I just, I can’t believe we’re actually doing this! It’s starting to hit me as our living room is drained of our belongings and fills up with boxes. In a few hours, the place that was home for two years will be empty.


(And my goodness, the movers are so efficient! They’ve been here for an hour and packed what would have taken me a whole weekend to do!)

So needless to say, I feel like I will have a great amount of source material and things to write about going forward! I hope to make my blog what it was when I was in Italy a few summers ago, so stay tuned!