Lulu Miller is awesome.

This past weekend I sent an email to Lulu Miller of Radiolab and Invisibilia fame, and this morning, she wrote me back.

What. I just. Ohmygosh. I feel like, as Davis so jokingly puts it, I have lost my ability to even.

Here’s the thing too: It wasn’t a courtesy email, a “thanks for writing, keep in touch” flimsy note-thing. It was a solid letter, full of detail and thought and love. It was the kind of letter that you write to a good friend that takes at least 20 minutes to artfully construct. She gave me tips on how to learn about podcasting and work in radio. She talked excitedly about New York. She invited me to coffee if I’m ever in the area that she works in. Just like. WHAT.

She is SO NICE. She writes the way I do. She seems so excitable and just in love with life. In reading her email, I felt like we could be best friends.

I realize it’s only Monday, but she has made my week. I don’t think anything could bring me down.

OH AND THEN I also bought tickets to see Ira Glass in town this weekend. Even all of these capital letters cannot express all the excitement I’m feeling about life right now.

(For those of you who don’t know, Lulu is a wonderful storyteller and reporter. Everything she makes (that I’ve heard) is beautiful. Listen to any of the episodes of Invisibilia and prepared to be amazed: And Ira Glass is the master of radio storytelling from This American Life. Listen to any of his stories here:


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