I’m ready.

That’s right, world: I’m ready to face 26.2 miles.

(I honestly didn’t think I’d ever be able to – or even want to – say that.)

Over the past few months I’ve pushed myself to a physical limit I don’t think I ever dreamed I could reach. I’ve had some really rough runs – runs where I’m overtaken with nausea (not enough sodium, I’ve learned – I’m carrying salt packets with me now), where my body doesn’t want to move anymore, where my vision gets blurry and I’m just tired. I’ve had moments of doubt, where I think I’ll never make it to the starting gate (let alone finish line), where I freak out in my car before practice wondering what the bleep I thought I was doing when I signed up for an endurance event, where I get nervous about raising all the money or going so far.

But I’ve had some great runs over the past few weeks. I’ve trialed my outfit, I’ve bought my fuel, I’ve broken in my shoes. The hotel is booked, the ferry route determined, the passports on the counter. I’ve purchased my travel-size jar of peanut butter for my pre-race breakfast (and am planning on taking my toaster with me!). And with all of your help, I’ve raised more than my fundraising minimum (which is incredible – thank you all for your generosity!) to help fund research to kick cancer’s butt. Now all I need to do is relax and live gently so I make it through the next week without accidentally injuring myself by stepping off of a curb wrong (or something). Now all there’s left to do is run.

Thank you so much for all of your support – words cannot express my gratitude enough. I’m excited for the race next weekend and can’t wait to post pictures and write all about my experience!


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