I can feel it all fading away.

This morning, I stumbled upon a video made by the study abroad program I went on about Torino. Cue nostalgia, naturally. So I look up the school on Google Maps and am transported back to my walk to school.

Lingotto. Via Millefonte. The park in front of the school. The tabacchi by our house where we’d buy our biglietti for the metro.

But I look for our local gelato shop, and I can’t remember what street it’s on. I find our apartment complex, but I don’t know if we lived in the first or second building. I can feel my memories slipping away, like I’m trying to keep water in my cupped hands but it’s slowly trickling out.

It makes me sad. Sad that I don’t remember these things as much as I used to. Sad that such a wonderful, exciting, even crucial life experience is disappearing so rapidly.

I hope to visit again soon, and maybe then it will all come back to me. But for now, Google Maps’ street view will have to suffice.


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