It’s Happening.

Four-ish years ago, my new-ish boyfriend and I would occasionally discuss our very hypothetical honeymoon. That is, if, by some small chance, we stayed together through college and beyond and decided to think seriously about getting married. We made sure we kept things vague, light, and noncommittal. Marriage itself was brought up, but with the same sense of uncertainty. We were freshmen, after all, and still new to this whole dating thing.

And we’d dream of Italy. Of exploring the countryside together. Of riding a gondola side by side. Of wandering the streets and eating the food and meeting the people and being in love in Italy.

But again, our relationship was young. Maybe that would happen, but we weren’t counting on it.

Things started off good, and they kept getting better. He met my family – they loved him – and I met his. We fell more and more in love and learned to communicate well with each other. And above all, we were best friends. We told each other everything. We celebrated the good times together and pulled each other through the tough ones. The hypothetical discussions of life after college and marriage became more and more concrete. We couldn’t see life without each other. He asked me to marry him, and I joyfully said yes.

Today we booked it. The honeymoon we talked about. We’re going to Italy in August.

I realize this is still such a small part of our future – two weeks in Europe will be like a blink of an eye in our life together. But it still makes me so incredibly excited. We get to be in love in Italy, together, just him and me. And it blows my mind that it went from being a low-possibility hypothetical to, well, real – and my life.

And it shows me that things like this happen. I know it’s incredibly cheesy, but life can be all it’s cracked up to be and more. Life with him is going to be incredible. I mean, I’m not naive, and I know that we’re going to have to work at it. But if it’s anything like these past four years have been, it’s going to be amazing.

(We’ve also already started thinking about our next big vacation. Brainstorming only, but still. We figure we should always have something to look forward to 🙂 )

I just. I can’t believe we’re going!!!


I can feel it all fading away.

This morning, I stumbled upon a video made by the study abroad program I went on about Torino. Cue nostalgia, naturally. So I look up the school on Google Maps and am transported back to my walk to school.

Lingotto. Via Millefonte. The park in front of the school. The tabacchi by our house where we’d buy our biglietti for the metro.

But I look for our local gelato shop, and I can’t remember what street it’s on. I find our apartment complex, but I don’t know if we lived in the first or second building. I can feel my memories slipping away, like I’m trying to keep water in my cupped hands but it’s slowly trickling out.

It makes me sad. Sad that I don’t remember these things as much as I used to. Sad that such a wonderful, exciting, even crucial life experience is disappearing so rapidly.

I hope to visit again soon, and maybe then it will all come back to me. But for now, Google Maps’ street view will have to suffice.