Breaking Bad

Davis talked me into finishing Breaking Bad last night.

Wait, let me start over: Davis talked me into watching Breaking Bad three weeks ago, and then into finishing it last night.

We made a deal, over our anniversary weekend. Since he first watched the show earlier this school year, my wonderful fiancé has not been able to stop talking about it. References and quotes would pop up everywhere, and he’d jokingly admit that he was very much like Peter Griffin in this scene of Family Guy:

So, after hearing about it so much and so often, I decided to give it a whirl. I mean, he’d shown me clips and full episodes (my first two were “End Times” and “Face Off”, in an effort to get me interested – he regrets it a little now), played me songs from it, you name it. So I said I’d watch it, but not without a deal: he has to watch one of my favorite shows, Avatar: The Last Airbender.

While my watching experience took off (I watched four and a half seasons in three weeks), his didn’t, really: I think he’s still in early season one. 😦

But yes, anyway: Breaking Bad. I’m very much gaining Peter Griffin’s mindset myself. And the odd thing is, I can’t really tell you why. I mean, it’s a great show – it’s got awesome character development and intriguing plot points. But the premise itself is not something that I would naturally like on my own. To be honest, I really had to push myself through the first four or so episodes (full of (spoiler alert) killing people, cooking meth, and decomposing bodies in acid and watching them fall through the ceiling of houses). After that, though, I couldn’t stop. Time would slip away when I turned it on. Afternoons were spent dumbly staring at my computer screen (thanks, Netflix). I’d start watching an episode while eating dinner, and the next thing I knew, it was midnight and time to go to bed.

And then came the talking about it. I couldn’t help myself to text Davis every episode about what was happening. “Excuse me, Marie, but they’re minerals.” “Hank’s such a boss right now!” “Did he poison her?!” Every little thing got a response. And I mention the show to almost everyone too: “I’m watching Breaking Bad and this reminds me of some part in some episode…”

But I think maybe the thing that makes the show so, erm, relatable is the fact that everything that’s happening is taking place right under the surface of “real life.” Meth production and distribution could be happening here, now, and no one (read: I) would ever know it. I see RVs now and wonder if they’re being used to cook. I pass a dark blue Jeep and think it’s the DEA. People loitering at parks or casually sitting on benches suddenly don’t seem so innocent anymore.

And in addition to all of this, the main character Walt turned from being a lovable, wonderful, providing father and husband to a despicable criminal. In contrast, his partner Jesse went from being a drug-dealing meth-head to a smart, charismatic guy. This change is kind of unlike anything I’ve seen in a TV show before. It’s part of what’s hooking me too.

So now the big question is, who will win? And who do you want to? The show’s winding down – this is its last season – so something’s guaranteed to happen. I guess we’ll have to wait til July to see.


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