Sandwich Extravaganza!

(Hi there, WordPress. It’s been a while. Again. I know, I’m sorry for neglecting you, I’ll be better this time.)

I’ve decided to go on a sandwich quest.

Yes: sandwiches.

A few months ago, I discovered this delicious sandwich shop in our lovely little town (let’s call it Sally’s) that makes this sandwich called “The Tipsy Winemaker.” And since trying this sandwich, I can’t get enough of it. I went back again the week I first had it, ordered it again, and re-fell in love with it. Even though there’s 24 other things on the menu (not to mention the “make it yourself” option) I can’t not get this sandwich.

But then I realized something: in my tiny little town, there are easily eight other sandwich shops that I can think of that I haven’t yet been to, which might hold equally delicious and amazing treasures inside of them. So I decided it was time to try them all.

A little more on my history with sandwiches: I’m not such a huge fan. Which can probably explain how I’ve lived somewhere for the past four years and haven’t tried the local spots. Given the option, I’d prefer to eat almost anything else for lunch: burgers, leftovers, salads, breakfast, you name it. It’s not like there’s something inherently wrong with sandwiches – I mean, I love bread and all, and am usually a fan of veggies. But I guess my main dislike comes from the temperature aspect: I just don’t really like cold meat. So, if I do get a sandwich, I try to get it toasted. Also, I feel like often, I can make a sandwich at home for a fraction of the cost – so why get it if I go out to eat? (And one more thing: none of this applies (obviously) to PB&Js. I love PB&Js.)

Putting my biases aside, I’ve decided it’s time to try all of these places. I’m going to do my best to get the local favorite/popular sub at each spot, then review it here (because I need a place to keep track of my thoughts, and hey, why not subject you to talks of food?). Oh, and one more thing: due to my desire to keep my location anonymous, I’m changing the names of the sandwich shops as I go. Sorry.

I guess I should start by describing what Sally’s Tipsy Winemaker was and why I liked it so much. The Tipsy Winemaker is a sandwich that comprises of turkey, ham, lettuce, tomato, brie, and strawberry jelly on house-made French bread. The concoction is then broiled (yay warm meat) and served with a lollipop. I like this sandwich for a couple reasons. First, brie and jam on a sandwich? Um, yes please. Second, I can’t properly describe the flavors the sandwich has and the sound that I uncontrollably make when I bite into it, every time, without fail. Finally, I just love how untypical the combination is, and how all of Sally’s other sandwiches are equally (lovably) strange. They like using things like mozzarella sticks and onion rings as toppings. I love it. Plus they serve their sandwiches with lollipops.

So rating anything against this wonderfully magnificent concoction is just… hard. I mean, to be honest and completely fair, I kind of doubt I’ll find anything as good, but I’d really like to give the other sandwich shops in the area a shot. And along the lines of honesty, the last time I went to Sally’s, the sandwich was still good, but it wasn’t quite as delicious as it had been the previous four times. I want to give them the benefit of the doubt, but I also want to explore some more before going back.

So that was my starting spot with my sandwich exploration adventures. It continued today, when I decided to venture to a new place that I’d heard great things about.

After discovering Sally’s, I had to tell everyone I knew to go there and try their delicious subs. Some of my friends finally gave in, came with me, and liked it too, but as we’re sitting there eating, they couldn’t stop talking about Lou’s. “They’re turkey veggie,” they said. “You have to try their turkey veggie.”

So about an hour ago I decided it was time. I jumped in my car, drove to Lou’s, and ordered the turkey veggie. And to be honest: it was a sandwich.

After the hype, I had high expectations. I thought it’d be sent-from-heaven delicious, but it was just a sandwich. Plus the meat was cold.

I could go on about the goods (friendly customer service, sandwich smelled tasty, easy ordering system) and the bads (maybe putting Italian dressing on it was a bad idea on their part – it made it sour), but ultimately it left me with a shrug-inducing feeling about the whole thing. I’d go back if others were going, but I wouldn’t rave about it the way I do about The Tipsy Winemaker.

So, yes. My sandwich experiences. Thanks for reading, if you’ve stuck with me through all of this. More to come as I continue to explore!


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