Lazy Holidays

These past few days can be characterized by baggy t-shirts and pajama bottoms, slippers, hot tea, and the desire to spend the entire day reading (which I’ve given into more than I care to admit). Yes; it’s been one of those weekends.

Fall, it seems, is upon us, but the only thing that actually says about where I live is that the average temperature is 68, not 72. We’ve started turning the heater on at night, and I keep a sweatshirt handy.

I don’t get very many of these. I’ve spent almost every other weekend this quarter driving from one place to the next, visiting family or Davis or other friends. Or I’ve been counting away the hours between delayed flights while reading or squeezing in classwork here or there. I’ve been kept very busy preparing for interviews and planning our wedding. So, when a weekend comes up where I have nothing on my schedule, admittedly I don’t really know what to do with myself.

Not that I’m complaining – it’s nice to have a second to breathe every once in a while. But to be honest, this goes to show me – again – that I truly function better when I have a thousand things going on. As tiring as it is, I need to be able to squeeze in homework between my countless other activities in order to guarantee that it gets done in a timely manner.

So here I sit, with statistics to be studied and a paper to be written, and it’s Monday. I think, before I get going on that, I’ll read some more.


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