Yesterday was a day of change.

I ended up going to the doctor yesterday afternoon due to stomach issues. Poop is not something people care to read about online (at least, that I care to read about… or that I care to discuss) so I’ll spare the details and jump right to the fact that I’ve been having digestive troubles for quite a while now. When I told the nurse this, she instructed me to make a few drastic changes to my diet to see if they helped. Namely, try cutting out gluten and/or dairy.

Now, if you know me personally (or even if you’ve just happened to read my blog before), you know that I LOVE to eat. And not just in a “food’s great and necessary to stay alive” kind of way; I love to eat pretty much everything. It’s seriously one of my favorite things to do. So when I was told that I should try to not eat pasta or ice cream or cheese or bread (or, well, a lot of things, actually) I was thrown for a loop (and I’m still in said loop, actually). It took me two hours of pouring over the internet this morning to try to convince myself that not eating gluten and/or dairy might actually be good for me… I’m still working on that, actually. And going to the store and shopping for new foods that I’ve never made before (read: quinoa, corn pasta, etc.) was both fun and terrifying. Part of me hopes that going off of gluten will fix the issue; the other (much, much larger) part of me hopes this isn’t the problem.

(I decided to try not eating gluten for a week first. If things are better, maybe that is the problem. If not, I’ll go back to it and not eat dairy to see if that fixes things. I didn’t want to go off both at once, because a) that would eliminate nearly everything I eat, and b) there wouldn’t really be a way to know which one was causing the problem. Oh, and c) I feel like it’s easier to not eat dairy over Thanksgiving than it is to not eat gluten. Great timing, body.)

So I got that wonderful nugget of news. I’m trying to be optimistic though; it’s kinda good that the world’s becoming more aware of celiac disease and gluten sensitivity (as pretentious as I used to think that was… and I apologize for my former self’s arrogance).

Shortly following that, I received the phone call I spent all week waiting for and was told that unfortunately, I was not selected for the job I was hoping I would get. So, as expected, that put another damper on my day.

So like I said, today was all about change. I spent the latter part of yesterday admittedly moping about the lack of a job I currently have lined up for next year (at that point, my diet issues were completely out of my mind). When I woke up this morning, I felt significantly better. Like I mentioned, I devised a game plan for trying out this gluten-free diet thing. And Davis and I have spent (and will spend) a lot of time talking about what my career path should be in the next few days.

So… it looks bright moving forward. I know it’s going to be tough, but I’m excited about these changes (ask me again when I’ve eaten quinoa for a week straight). But all in all, it’s gonna be good.


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