Lament about Writing’s Absence

Wow, it’s been almost two months since I last posted. And even longer since I’ve written.

Two months. That’s a pretty long time.

Usually words just flow from my fingers, sometimes gushing out of me like a rushing river, tripping over each other to make it onto the page. I feel like I’ve stopped a certain part of myself from living by not having written in a while, like a piece of me has been missing all of this time.

I could say I’ve been busy, and that wouldn’t be a lie. Between taking 19 units, leading a club, looking for a job, being in a long-distance relationship and planning a wedding, it’s sometimes usually hard to find the time to write. But all of these things should cause me to want to write even more. And there’s no doubt that they do – I just don’t seem to get around to putting the words down on paper.

So it’s time to admit something: I’m using this blog post to help me get my creative juices flowing again so I can write a cover letter because the words there just seem to be stuck. (Hopefully it will also help me to start posting again, because life is always better when I write more)

So sorry, blog post. You’re just a measly pawn I had to use, a stepping stone for me to get somewhere greater.

And to the rest of the word: hopefully I’ll be back soon.


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