Work Time!

I started my new job yesterday – weeeee! So far I like it. I’m still not entirely sure what I’m doing – something along the lines of quality engineering, I’m pretty sure – but it seems like it will be cool! I’m so excited to work in the real world and see what it’s actually like out there 🙂

I’ve noticed a couple things already and figured I’d list them here, just because!

1) All that stuff they’re teaching us in school? Totally applicable. Well, so far, it seems. I took this Value Chain class last quarter that my position seems to be swimming in, along with a quality engineering course I took a few quarters back. I mean, it’s not like everything we’re doing comes from these classes; instead, I’m realizing that the courses really did provide a good basis for my job. My manager started explaining what our department does today and my mind was keeping up pretty well. Kinda cool, I think. 🙂

2) Along with that, my school in general has provided us with a phenomenal education. We’re working with kids from Ivy League schools (among others) and I feel like the people from my school (me included) are keeping up with the training as well as – if not better than – they are. It’s just… it’s interesting to see the differences. I have to say, though – there are 15 people from a bunch of different schools in our intern orientation group, and all of them are awesome. I’m really excited to be working with them this summer.

3) Since I shall be receiving, you know, a paycheck (cue excitement) I’ve started to think of things in terms of how long I’d have to work to get them. For example, on-campus gym membership is $20 a month… which is roughly one hour of working. One hour. So, I mean, to me, why not do that? Why not take advantage of these opportunities presented to me which I might normally pass up because of their expense? By nature I’m much more of a saver than a spender, and I do intend to save a lot of my earnings this summer. I just don’t want to get too afraid to spend a little bit of what I make. 🙂

4) I say “things” a lot. I need to work on being more descriptive to sound more professional.

So yes. My observations so far. I’m still really excited about my job and can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings. 🙂


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