Work Time!

I started my new job yesterday – weeeee! So far I like it. I’m still not entirely sure what I’m doing – something along the lines of quality engineering, I’m pretty sure – but it seems like it will be cool! I’m so excited to work in the real world and see what it’s actually like out there 🙂

I’ve noticed a couple things already and figured I’d list them here, just because!

1) All that stuff they’re teaching us in school? Totally applicable. Well, so far, it seems. I took this Value Chain class last quarter that my position seems to be swimming in, along with a quality engineering course I took a few quarters back. I mean, it’s not like everything we’re doing comes from these classes; instead, I’m realizing that the courses really did provide a good basis for my job. My manager started explaining what our department does today and my mind was keeping up pretty well. Kinda cool, I think. 🙂

2) Along with that, my school in general has provided us with a phenomenal education. We’re working with kids from Ivy League schools (among others) and I feel like the people from my school (me included) are keeping up with the training as well as – if not better than – they are. It’s just… it’s interesting to see the differences. I have to say, though – there are 15 people from a bunch of different schools in our intern orientation group, and all of them are awesome. I’m really excited to be working with them this summer.

3) Since I shall be receiving, you know, a paycheck (cue excitement) I’ve started to think of things in terms of how long I’d have to work to get them. For example, on-campus gym membership is $20 a month… which is roughly one hour of working. One hour. So, I mean, to me, why not do that? Why not take advantage of these opportunities presented to me which I might normally pass up because of their expense? By nature I’m much more of a saver than a spender, and I do intend to save a lot of my earnings this summer. I just don’t want to get too afraid to spend a little bit of what I make. 🙂

4) I say “things” a lot. I need to work on being more descriptive to sound more professional.

So yes. My observations so far. I’m still really excited about my job and can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings. 🙂


Wedding Dress!

I chose my wedding dress today.

I tried this dress on a few weeks ago and absolutely loved it. Since then, I’ve been back to the dress shop twice to put it on again – once with a few of my friends from home, and then again today with my parents and future mother-in-law. I’d been looking forward to showing them the dress because I really thought it was the one. Plus, you know, it’d give me an excuse to get back into the most beautiful thing I’ve worn.

But I was nervous, too. Nervous that they weren’t going to love it as much as I did. That they’d humor me and smile but then shake their heads and tell me to keep looking. The thought of that would make me cringe. I’ve been to four dress shops already and have tried on at least twenty dresses. And while it’s fun, it got draining after a while. I’d leave not completely satisfied and worried that my dream dress wasn’t out there.

But all this worry was for naught. This afternoon I walked into the shop confidently and excitedly, with my parents following behind. The bridal consultant – the same one that’s always there – smiled and was as excited to see me put my dream dress on again as I was to wear it. I slipped it on – okay, maybe it was a little more complicated than that – and opened the curtains to my family, beaming and waiting for their opinion.

And instead of gushing out, there was silence. But not the Say Yes to the Dress, “How do I tell her I hate it?” type; their mouths were open in smiles as they took it all in. I swished it back and forth, then asked, “What do you think?”

“It’s gorgeous,” my mom said. “Stunning,” said my dad. “You look beautiful,” said my mom-to-be.

And with that, I had chosen my wedding dress.

It truly is perfect. I’m not going to describe it here, or really to anyone unless it’s in person and my fiancé’s out of earshot. He’s not going to see it (or know anything about it) until I walk down the aisle on the day of our wedding. But it really is everything I want in a dress. When I put it on, I catch myself staring at it, at me, for minutes on end, without realizing I’m doing it. I get into it and I never want to take it off. I look beautiful, and feel even more so. I feel confident and radiant and… and perfect. And very much like me.

And I really truly feel like a bride.

I think I knew that it was the dress when I first put it on, but I still couldn’t help but rush back to the store (which is, both fortunately and unfortunately, within walking distance of my apartment) and put it on again and again, just to make sure. The sample dress fits me perfectly – my consultant even measured me, and my body has the exact dimensions of the dress, minus the added length I need for my height. I take that as a sign that it was meant to be. I’m sure I’ll try it on at least once more before they get my exact dress in; it’s just. It’s so beautiful.

So yes. I have a wedding dress. And it’s beautiful and awesome and everything I’ve ever wanted and more. I can’t wait to wear it in about a year when I walk down the aisle to the man of my dreams. ❤

Goodbye, Drake.

It’s the weekend before finals. The library’s packed. All the seats in the local coffee shops are taken. People poke their heads out of their books only to cross-reference something or nibble on their snack. Serious studying is happening.

And here I sit, at the kitchen table at the Drake, “studying.” While I suppose it’s true that I’m making progress – I’m making flashcards for my test on Wednesday – all I can really seem to think about is how soon this place will be gone.

Over the course of the year, I’ve often thought, “This is it.” While I’m still going to be in school for one more year – I’m getting my Master’s degree here – many of my friends won’t be. My brilliant friends at the Drake – all engineering students too – are graduating on Sunday. I’m ever so proud of them – they’re going on to do bigger and better things: work at a huge company, go to graduate school, get their PhD’s. And while I love it here and am happy that I’m staying, I feel like a piece of me is disappearing with them as they walk across the stage to get their diplomas this weekend.

Up until this point I’ve been successful at pushing it out of my mind. “Future Sarah can deal with it,” I’d say. “Right now I’m just going to enjoy each moment as it comes.” But a few nights ago, I realized that I am Future Sarah. There’s no putting it off; the inevitable is here. My friends are packing up their rooms, and soon, this won’t be their house anymore.

This house and these people have been my refuge, my strong place. I’ve laughed here, cried here, and spent countless evenings talking late into the night with some of my best friends. I’ve studied at this table, fallen asleep on the couches, cooked dinner for everyone in the kitchen I don’t know how many times. We’ve celebrated, we’ve mourned, we’ve goofed around and had the college experience of a lifetime. This house is more home to my than my own apartment, than probably anywhere in the world right now. And in a few short weeks, it will no longer be ours.

We can come back – we can drive by, wave to “The Drake.” But we won’t be able to stop by and watch Mad Men on the huge TV, or bake brownies together, or just say hi to our friends. This house will become someone else’s, will become more.

And that’s what I have to remind myself: as much as it feels like it now, this is not the end. This house will hold new life, and we as friends will evolve, too.

These next two weeks will be full of more smiles and more tears as we say goodbye. But this goodbye is not forever; it’s just for now. And I’m going to savor every second I have with this house and these people; I couldn’t have asked for a better college experience.

Mmmmmmmmmm… :)

Every quarter I have a different study food. You know, one that I just can’t get enough of during finals week. One time it was fruit gummies – I was addicted to the Super Mario ones… even though I know they all taste the same. A few quarters later, it was zebra popcorn. Last quarter I went the healthy route and did snap peas.

This quarter: chocolate.

I need to arm myself with some more See’s Candies, then finals week, you’re going down. 😀