Smell-Good Day

So. I went to Target today. (exciting in and of itself, I know.) I had a few things to pick up, one of which was dryer sheets. After standing there smelling boxes for an unnecessarily long time, I settled on one that smelled pretty good and was on sale. I didn’t think too much of it.

After paying, I went to have coffee with a friend and left my dryer sheets (and the rest of my newly-purchased goods) in my car. I came back to it about an hour later and OH MY GOODNESS. I don’t think I’ve smelled something so spectacular in my entire life. It was like delicious scent was emanating from my vehicle. Not to mention the close contact made the rest of my groceries smelling freaking fantastic too (including this really cute dress I picked up and the nail polish remover I’d purchased). I now want to put these sheets everywhere: my room, my bathroom, back into the car – everywhere I can, really. I want the world to smell this awesome all the time.

So thank you, Gain Apple Mango Tango, for making my day wonderful.


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