Weekend of Awesome!

This weekend. Ohmygoodness. This weekend.

Let’s start with Thursday. Wait wait wait, let’s back it up to Monday. By which I mean, Monday, May 21st. This was the day things really seemed to begin, cuz my friends Laura and Lauren came to visit from home. Monday through Wednesday were filled with good talks and lots of laughs, late nights and unfortunately early mornings, Trader Joe’s dinners and nachos like never before. Then, come Thursday morning, we packed up our stuff, hit up our local doughnut shop, and headed home.

I’m not out of school yet, so this was nothing more than an extended vacation for me before dead and finals weeks strike. However, I wanted to make it as productive as possible and get a jump on wedding-planning. I’d scheduled appointments with a photographer and a dress shop and figured I’d get as much done as I could in the time in between.

And boy, was it a lot! My mom and I met with the prospective photographer soon after I arrived home on Thursday, and while we haven’t officially committed yet, I’m really thinking (praying, hoping) she’s the one. Her photos are GORGEOUS at a price we can afford. Plus she was patient and nice and not overbearing at all! I think she’ll do a great job. 🙂 We decided to run to two cake shops afterward and subsequently scheduled tastings for both. We also stopped by a florist and talked to one of my mom’s friends, who has some ideas and helpful hints for the wedding. I borrowed some books of hers to look through for ideas – they were colorful and helpful! We topped it off with talking to my family’s piano teacher, who also has some design ideas. I’m starting to get really excited that the wedding will be in my hometown – there are so many friendly people who want to help!

Friday was filled with dress-tryons and cake-tastings, both of which weren’t too successful. As my mom so eloquently put it, it showed me what I didn’t want. I won’t elaborate too much here, but I’m just going to say that I’m slightly shocked and a little appalled at what people wear. Anyway, I feel really good about a dress I tried on a few weeks ago, so now I just need to show my mom and I’ll be set! 😀

We kicked off Saturday morning with another cake tasting, this one being at our favorite bakery. And it wasn’t just my mom and me this time: my entire family (minus my sleepy teenage brother) came. We were presented with six cakes, and all six of them were absolutely incredible. I mean, even their white cake tasted good. I decided on a design for the cake and officially confirmed my colors (with myself… I took forever to make up my mind!), so now we’re a couple steps closer to the big day.

The rest of Saturday was filled with watching A Goofy Movie (“Chedda!”), going to church (I think we have our officiant too!), and eating dinner at my grandparents’ house. I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with my family over these past few days; ’twas quite nice 🙂

On Sunday, after crazily packing and finishing the final things on my “To Do” list, I was picked up by Davis to go to San Diego to celebrate his mom’s birthday. We had a fabulous time down there – the condo they were staying at was beautiful, and it was very relaxing all around. I met some of his parents’ good friends, who were so incredibly nice to me. We lounged, we shopped, we walked the beach – it was pretty great 🙂 I’m really glad I got to spend time with his family – I love them ever so much.

We jumped back in the car on Monday and drove back to school (well, that’s after Davis went to a Memorial Day celebration with Mitt Romney and his mom, her friend, and I went shopping… 🙂 ). Nothing else too exciting to report, except that class was cancelled for me yesterday, so I spent the day cleaning and relaxing some more. Ahh, life!

That’s really all I have to report… though I feel that it’s quite enough, don’t you think? This weekend make me feel so incredibly accomplished. I’ve made so much progress planning my wedding. It’s really starting to feel real now. I also feel like it can be done (my mom’s motto for this year – Reagan had a sign on his desk saying that, so it’s the words she’s chosen to live by). I can break this all into little pieces and create the wedding of my dreams.

So now off to class I go… last lecture of the school year, hooray!


One response to “Weekend of Awesome!

  1. The whole dress shopping experience isn’t as easy as it seems. Always go with your gut when it comes to your wedding gown. That way you will have no regrets. Good luck!

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