Good Life.

Today was awesome.

It was just one of those days in which everything was great. I mean, I should preface it, I guess, with the fact that life is still moving: I still have a midterm tomorrow (one which I really need to get studying for) and have to pack to go home this weekend. I’ve got a to-do list that feels as long as Santa’s, though not quite as fun: read up for my Shakespeare test next week, plan next quarter’s schedule, complete a lab for my Inventory Control Systems class, work on my yearlong project… it just goes on and on. But life is still really good, you know? More than that: it’s kind of fantastic. Little wonderful things just kept jumping out at me everywhere.

Like the kindness of some people, the enthusiasm they have to help others. Or the power that music has to make me feel wonderful and alive. Or how, strolling through the town’s weekly street fair, I saw my (hopefully) future wedding coordinator selling produce from her family’s ranch. Or the moment when my wonderful fiancé texted me to ask me to dinner to the restaurant that I was standing in front of. Or how our Shakespeare presentation went so incredibly smoothly, I think we really wowed our teacher and our classmates. Or how I was completely on top of and participating in our discussion in one of my classes today. Or how the Electric Cello Guy at the street fair started playing Coldplay as I passed.

None of these are anything that significant – they never seem to be. They’re still awesome though. Absolutely incredible. They make me want to go around dancing to how wonderful life is, spinning in circles with a big grin on my face.

I hope life’s treating you equally as wonderfully today 🙂


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