more rants about how good life is.

Hi there!

(every time I say that, I think of Dug… yay!)

I decided to write some more about – guess the topic – why life is amazing. 😀 I feel like I’m bragging when I do this, and also that it’s more difficult to write now that I’m not experiencing entirely new things every day like I was in Europe, but I’m going to make the best of both cases and just proceed anyways.

So why is life so good? Mainly because I accepted an internship offer today! I still can’t completely fathom that: Here we are in December, and I already have a job this summer. And not only is it a job, it’s with one of the best companies in the country to work for, both for my major and just as a company in general (according to that Fortune 500 list anyway). I am beyond excited about this!

Also, it will continuously hit me just how lucky I am to have found the love of my life so early, and I’m going to be getting married to him in a year and a half! He is beyond wonderful and still makes me smile. Everything just washed over me again today, and I am so incredibly grateful for him.

I ate dinner by myself tonight – I didn’t really eat lunch and I needed to get out of my apartment since I’d been inside all day, so I walked downtown and bought a delicious tri-tip sandwich. And even though I was alone, it was a nice alone feeling. I didn’t have to think much or talk to anyone; I could just focus on my food and smile to myself every once in a while. I people-watched a little bit too – it was fun. 🙂 Then on my walk home I saw – for the very first time with my own eyes – a sky lantern! Like from Tangled! It was sooo cool! It only lasted for a couple of minutes but it was enough to see how awesome it was! I couldn’t contain my excitement. And for whatever reason it gave me so much hope. I really really want to find a way to have those at my wedding.

Ooh! And! Side story before the exciting part: In Rome, there was a man named Stefano who took us to the airport on our last day. He drove a snazzy Audi and loved pop music. There was one song in particular that he played in the car that stuck with me, and upon returning to the States, I’d flash back to Europe whenever I’d hear it. It was playing in the restaurant tonight during dinner, and I remembered to look up its lyrics when I got home. So the excitingness is, I figured it out! I found the song and now I have it on my Spotify playlist 😀 The song itself is probably not all that great (though it is popular), but it’s the memories attached to it that make it awesome. (by the way, it’s Mr. Saxobeat:

And more happiness: my Christmas lights. I just can’t get over them. They’ve made studying infinitely better 😀

Speaking of which, I have two tests tomorrow that I have to go finish studying for… I must be off! Ciao!


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