Dear Gentlemen:

(if you can call yourselves that)

What do you have to say for yourselves? Or rather, where do I even begin? I feel like some of you (and not all – and I am very, very grateful for all the men out there that this does not apply to) missed a day in Gentlemen Training that taught you how to treat a girl that’s engaged.

That’s right, men: Engaged. Betrothed. Affianced. However you want to put it, I’m getting married.

I have a ring on my finger and a promise from the man of my dreams, and I’m sorry, but there’s nothing that you can say or do that’s going to change my mind and my answer to him.

So please, don’t hit on me. Don’t call me “Gorgeous” or touch my hair and tell me it’s hot. Don’t ask me to “hit you up” sometime if I’m free and want to have fun when you very well know that I’m taken. I’m not an item to be drooled over, nor am I interested. Do you know how ridiculous it makes you look, trying to woo someone whose heart already belongs to someone else? Do you know how much my opinion of you drops when I know you know I’m engaged and yet you’re flirting with me anyway?

I’m not changing my mind about this, because I flat-out have the best guy in the world as my best friend and I’m getting married to him. So please, don’t even try.

And to the rest of you: to the guys out there that cherish the girls they have and treat the ones they don’t with respect, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thanks for making me feel like an equal, not like a piece of meat. Thanks for giving me a chance to prove myself and not writing me off as “another” ditsy girl that doesn’t matter. Thanks for being my friend and for being okay that it’s “just” that. Thanks for not playing with other girls’ hearts. And above all, thanks for treating me like a person. You truly deserve the title of “gentlemen,” and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your respect toward me and to women everywhere.


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