Midnight in Paris

I’d forgotten how much I loved Midnight in Paris.

Davis and I went to see it a few nights before I left for Italy, and while I’d heard good things about it, I wasn’t even prepared for just how fantastic it was. The movie is everything a great movie should be: smart, funny, and romantic. Oh, and it was (obviously) set in Europe.

So going to see it again today was amazing. Our favorite indie theatre brought it back by popular demand, and I caught it just as it was about to leave theatres for good. And it might have been even better this time: even more enchanting, even more magical. It was also really cool to see it in an almost-packed theatre at four o’clock in the afternoon in which I was the only antendee that didn’t get in with a senior discount. :3

And the nostalgia it brought with it! Oh man, it was really kind of cool, seeing it both before and after my trip. Because before, I was fascinated with Europe and so so excited to go. And this time around I spent half the movie smiling to myself because I had been there and seen what the characters were seeing. I went to Versailles. I saw the Eiffel Tower light up at night. I walked along the River Seine. One of the first scenes is just of this row of trees, but I know exactly where that is because I’ve been next to them before. It was so wonderful, and now I want to go back and do it again.

So long story short, go see Midnight in Paris. And then go to Europe. The combination might change your life.

(If you want a more technical analysis of the film, check out Davis’s review: http://notionofpictures.wordpress.com/2011/07/03/midnight-in-paris/)


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