1000 Days

Today. Today was a good day.

Why? Well, let me tell you…

I spent 10.5 straight hours in my favorite building on campus, leaving only for eight ish minutes to stand ten feet from the door to talk to my mommy on the phone. Yeah, it was a really long day. But I feel pretty good about the time I had in there.

AND THEN. It was Mylo Xyloto time.

So Davis and I drove to our local record store and each bought a copy, then hopped back in the car, grabbed dinner, and went for a drive as we listened to it. And it was amazing, not only because it’s Coldplay, but because we were in his car driving around in the dark and listening to it together, just like we were 1000 days ago when we told each other we had feelings for each other.

I love coincidences. Or rather, when things coincide that couldn’t have happened solely by chance. I know it’s little and might be viewed as dumb, but I think the fact that the Coldplay album came out exactly 1000 days after we started dating is nothing short of fate. I mean, if it were any random band, then whatever. But it’s Coldplay – the band that brought us together in the first place.

I like just knowing there’s someone up there looking out for us all. It makes me smile to know that we’re not alone.

(The CD’s very good, by the way – I highly recommend it. Especially the song “Charlie Brown.” What I want to know now is: who is Mylo Xyloto?)


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