“I’ve got a good feeling about Paris!”

These were the words exclaimed by my mother, just seconds before the French equivalent of the TSA blew up an unattended item just outside of the airport.

Not to mention that our bag got lost in transit from Vienna to Paris, causing slight irritation but surprisingly no panic.

But here’s the thing: the people in France are really, really nice. After all I’ve heard about them being rude to Americans, I’ve been really surprised and even impressed by the fact that they just aren’t. Bus drivers, airport workers, hotel front desk men, you name it – they’re all very caring, genuine people. Even the owner of the restaurant that we had dinner at tonight was wonderful, giving us suggestions on what and how to eat as well as bringing the chef out so we could meet him too. He said to come back tomorrow to ask the chef for help in case we need anything while we stay here in this lovely city.

And it’s so clean! I mean, compare almost any other European country to Rome and you’ll instantly find improvement (or so I’ve heard), but it really does feel slightly nicer here in France. Rome was interesting in its own way, but I don’t think I could live there for an extended period of time. Everything’s filthy and so touristy that it really started to bother me (and after only four days at that). I did love living in Torino, though. I think I could live there again.

Our bag will get here, we’re really not worried. And as to the French TSA, we’re kind of glad we have that kind of security. Again, comparing it to Italy, I saw an unattended duffel bag in the Milan train station and no one was doing anything about it. Here, someone leaves a backpack and they call in the SWAT team. So yes, I really do have a good feeling about Paris. Go France.

It’s getting late here, and I’d love to sleep since my mom and sister are already. I have much more to say about Rome, which I may write about in the morning (preview for what’s ahead: Vatican City, Trevi Fountain, and seeing Roberto Benigni and Woody Allen!). But until then I bit you adieu from the wonderful city of Paris!

(PS – If you have a second, go listen to kc89’s version of Coldplay’s “Charlie Brown” – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aR0EW028MwM&feature=channel_video_title It’s rather wonderful ^^ )


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