Reflections on the Trip So Far

Buster’s Coffee was an amazing discovery for us to make during our stay in Torino, mostly because it’s a small taste of home. While most café owners in Italy seem to sneer at you if you try to do homework or read in their store, Buster’s is Italy’s equivalent of Starbucks, complete with Wi Fi, paper cups, and American music. It’s got comfy leather chairs and a friendly staff that doesn’t mind if you spend your time in the store studying.

Which is why I’m here. My Italian final is tomorrow morning, and since it’s hot and humid in Torino (especially in my apartment), I’m taking refuge in the relaxed, air-conditioned coffee shop. However, due to the lack of sleep I got last night, my brain’s decided to power down on me until I decide to go home and take a nap. I thought I’d try to blog a little first though – maybe I can wake myself up for just a few more minutes til I venture outside and back to my apartment.

I can’t believe that my stay here is coming to a close. I’ve been able to call Torino my home for the past four weeks, but come Sunday, I won’t be able to any longer. I’ve had a great time here getting to know the people, the language, and the culture of Italy. I’ve learned so much more than I think I can even recognize right now. I can’t wait to show my sister and mom the city in a few days too. I feel like Italy has become part of me, and in turn I’ve become a small part of it.

The real highlight of yesterday was going to a discussion on reverse culture shock. Since culture shock hit me harder than I expected it to, I’m not going to doubt that reverse culture shock will be any different. I don’t know what to expect when I go back home, but I know it might be a bit of a struggle getting used to American life after being in Europe for so long. For all of you who are my family and friends, please be patient with me as I go through this. I know I’ll adjust; it just might take me some time.

Now I think I really am going to head home. My head’s spinning a little, and I’m not feeling so awesome. Hopefully a nap can cure all of this, and I can crack open the books once again in a few hours.


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