The Open Market and Fiat!

I’m having a great amount of difficulty posting about this weekend. I’ll get there, I promise. It’s just so much to recall and write about that it’s taking me time to sort through it all, report it, and then record how I actually feel about everything. All in all, though, it was absolutely incredible. I’m working on it, and I’ll try to post it in the near future. But for now I’m going to talk about today.

I went to the open market this morning. It was my first real time going (I went once while it was closing with Sam and Katie, but there were only, like, two carts there… so to me, that doesn’t really count) and I’m so glad I did! And not just because I purchased some pretty awesome things; I felt like it was a really good experience. I practiced my Italian a little bit and saw what open markets are all about. I’d heard that they had clothes there as well as food; what I guess I didn’t realize is that it virtually sells everything (and at a pretty reduced cost at that!). I got the set of headphones I’m using right now for three euro. They aren’t the greatest, but considering I needed temporary replacement ones since I lost the silicone covering on one of my nice ones, they do their job just fine 🙂 The fruit stands smelled so good, and I bought cherries from a patient woman who I think I confused when I said that I wanted half of a half of a kilo (since I didn’t know how to say “one quarter” in Italian… >.< ). They tasted even better than everything smelled. And after about a year of searching, I finally purchased – wait for it – Aladdin pants. Yes, world, I realize I look ridiculous when I wear them, but they are super comfy and colorful and what I’ve wanted for kind of a long time. Not to mention they’re the “in” thing here (meaning the style should spread to America in about a year). And they were only ten euro. 😀

After going to the open market, I made lunch for myself and then joined our group to go on a  tour of the Fiat plant. Did you know that “Fiat” is actually an acronym, and that the “T” stands for “Torino”? I think that’s pretty awesome.

The factory was really cool – we got to see robots weld cars and the overall assembly line. It made me really excited to be an engineer when I saw the robot welders and understood what the tour guide was talking about when she was explaining the principles of lean production. 😀 We also got to see the show room and take pictures with the oh-so-adorable Fiat 500, which apparently is coming to the US! There was a baby blue convertible one in the show room:

I really want one now. Not going to happen… but I can dream, right? 🙂

As for the rest of the day, it’s going to be full of napping, reading, and doing Italian homework. Hurray for summer 🙂


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