Rainy Day in Italy

In a word, today was wet.

Rain drenched through my backpack and seeped into my shoes, making everything squish as I walked. I was expecting showers but not a complete downpour. Not that I had a problem with it – I want to move to Seattle someday, after all – just that it took me by surprise.

But the adventures I had today were well worth the water-speckled glasses and squeaky shoes I had to endure. First, after slight negotiation, my Italian class and I were able to go on the International Business class’s field trip to – that’s right, ladies and gents – a chocolate company. And not just any chocolate company: it’s one of the oldest in Torino. This is the place that serves the (apparently) world-renowned “bicerin”, a drink made of chocolate, espresso, and whipped cream. After walking quite a long ways, we sat down outside and got our beverages. And I have to say, it was indeed pretty delicious! It was like having hot chocolate with a slight kick to it. Also, it didn’t taste like an American mocha – it was thicker, but not as heavy (if that makes any sense). Just having the experience itself was worth the walk.

My bicerin!

After exploring the tiny little café and accompanying (overpriced) chocolate store, the group split up. Some went to lunch before heading on their next field trip (to a castle – that’s a pretty awesome day if I do say so myself!). Since I still had class in a little bit, I decided to go with my friends Samuel and Andrew to find the supposedly best kabob (or “kebap” or “kabab” or however you decide to spell it – I’ve definitely seen a handful of different ways while here) place in Torino. After a Metro ride, a leaky bus excursion, and a trek down a few blocks in the pouring rain, we finally made it to this hole-in-the-wall. The way the restaurant worked confused us but the people were nice, and eventually we got our food. Oh man, was it worth it. The kabab “sandwich” that I had was more like a burrito, with meat, lettuce, tomato, onions, sauce, and – that’s right – French fries inside a pita. Andrew ate the same thing that I did, and Samuel got a kabab pizza, which had the same ingredients on a pizza crust. Everything was so delicious, and while it was seemingly more foreign than most of the food I’ve been having here, it actually tasted a lot like something I’d get back home. (maybe that was just because of the French fries though… 😛 ) After finishing our meals, I headed to class, where we reviewed for our midterm tomorrow, and came home.

I find myself using the word “adventure” a lot to describe the days I’ve had here and the things I’ve been doing. It might sound like I’m exaggerating, but the truth is that I find everything to really be an adventure. I am, after all, living in a new country, where I’m free and able to explore the city and its surrounding areas. So why not see it as such? Every day is an opportunity to do something new and completely different. I want to seize hold of that as much as I can and go on all the adventures I’m able to fit in while I’m here.

The sun’s peaking its head out now, and I’ve got studying I have to attend to. Ciao for now – more adventures to come later 🙂


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