Torino Nightlife and Lessons Already Learned

Last night we went exploring Torino at night! We took the Metro to Porta Nuova, crossed the Piazza Castello, and walked down Via Garibaldi. Oh my goodness, it was so pretty! The city lit up at night is quite nice. And there were so many people outside! We got down there around 10:45 or 11:00pm and the city seemed packed. There were even people pushing babies in strollers. The weather was lovely too – just the right amount of warm, which was nice. After wandering for a bit, we sat down at a restaurant and ordered drinks (making me feel oh-so-adult, because it’s legal for me to do that here!). Lots of laughs were to be had and pictures to be taken… it was much fun. Afterwards we took taxis home because the buses stopped running, and I have to say, while I did get home safe and sound, driving in Italy is not an experience I often want repeated.

One thing I really noticed last night is the amount of people here who hold hands. Couples with interlocked fingers seem to be everywhere, and I love it! In America it doesn’t seem to be as prevalent, but here it’s really cute. I definitely took a few pictures of some particularly adorable couples. (of course, because we were moving and they were moving too, none of them turned out to be great… oh well.) I like how the Italians aren’t afraid to show the world how they feel.

That being said, I think they show a little too much affection. It isn’t an uncommon occurrence to see couples full-on making out on sidewalks, next to buildings, on benches – basically wherever they have space to do it. This is not something I personally would be comfortable with… but I do like how much they hold hands.

I feel like I’m developing a list in my head of things I want to take back to the states with me. It isn’t too long yet, but I think I’ll write it down anyway:

  • Walking is really really good for you, and walking after dinner is actually really nice. I’d really like to try doing this more often at home.
  • Fresh food is best – I want to try to limit the amount of food with preservatives I consume and instead focus on eating things with natural, fresh ingredients.
  • Hold hands! While I planned to do this anyway, seeing it emphasized here reinforced to me how much I like it and how important it is.
I think that’s it for now. Expect me to add to the list in the future, and have a fantastic Sunday!

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