In choosing to go to Italy, I feel that I’ve decided to change one huge part of my daily life: what I wear. (forget about the language I speak, the food I eat, or the ways in which I communicate – while they are definitely changes, they’re not nearly as important. 😉 )

Anyone who knows me personally can attest to the fact that I very rarely wear skirts. In fact, before three days ago, I only owned three of them, along with a handful of dresses. Most of the time these girly articles of clothing sit in my closet and gather dust, waiting for the moment I decide, almost reluctantly, to pull them out, try them on, see that they fit and that I really don’t look  as foolish as I think I do wearing such feminine clothing, and decide to wear them for the next few hours, until I get tired it and then hurriedly go to change.

And it’s not that I don’t like wearing dresses or skirts, because, to be quite honest, they actually make me feel rather beautiful. I like having my feminine side show, even though most of the time it seems slightly hidden underneath the engineering and practical sides of me. And wearing dresses and skirts always makes me feel so fancy!

So, yes, back to Italy. I remember hearing or reading somewhere that women primarily wear – you guessed it – skirts. Which for me takes away almost everything I own and says, “Go find something new to wear now! Say goodbye to the pants – you’ll have to match your shirts to skirts for the next seven weeks!” And because my wardrobe was lacking in the skirt department, it was time to make some purchases.

So I went shopping with a few of my friends and came back with this:

Skirts. Lots of them. I am now the proud owner of eight skirts as well as a new dress (and other older dresses that are still lovely that I can wear). And you know what? I’m quite excited about it. I’ve never worn skirts on a daily basis, and I think it will be really good for me. With my skirts on my bed like this I matched tops to them and saw that they’re really not going to be that hard to wear after all. It’s just going to be different.

Next up: working on applying make-up to myself. That’s something I don’t have any practice in doing whatsoever… it’s going to be quite the adventure.

Eleven days til departure. I still can’t believe it’s happening 🙂


I just realized something:

I’m living my dream this summer.

I’m freaking going to Italy and learning to speak Italian and learning how to cook Italian food. I’m travelling and going to be writing and will be exploring the world. I’m combining things that I love in life to make for one heck of an awesome summer.

Why is it that life can’t always be like this? Sure, I realize it’s illogical and slightly unreasonable to be able to live your dream every day, but can’t most of life be made up of things that you love doing? Can’t we make a contribution to society and enjoy doing so? I feel like too many people are stuck in jobs that they just don’t enjoy and therefore can’t make as big of a contribution as they could be making if they were doing something related to what they like.

I also find it interesting that my summer of dreams does not seem to include engineering at all. Hmm, I’ll ponder this and get back to you…

And on a completely random note, my friend on my staff showed us this video at our meeting this week. I really like it and hope you enjoy it too:

3AM Break

I’ve had Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” stuck in my head all day, and no matter how many times I listen to it, it still isn’t leaving. Ah well. There’s no harm with a little humor spicing up my day 🙂 But I do wonder what on Earth they’re actually singing about. And I would look it up, but I think the mystery’s part of the charm.

I’ve spent today studying hard-core. It’s gotten to the point where focusing with my eyes on things in real life (aka not on a computer screen or piece of paper) has become a bit of a challenge. I would be hopeful that tomorrow will be better, but I’m afraid it will be the same at best: I’ve got a project due in the afternoon that I still have much to do on. Which is why this break is short, but it is certainly a nice break indeed. However, I do get to look forward to a date night once the work of tomorrow is done, complete with homemade fettuccine alfredo and probably something yummy for dessert. I can’t wait 🙂

Now back to accounting and measurements and calculations… just had to warm my hands up a little and exercise them even more by typing 🙂