Getting Old

I’m kinda looking forward to getting old.

I realize that’s a bit ridiculous to say. I mean, here I am, 20 years old, writing about aging when I don’t have much experience with it. Sure, my body might have matured more from birth to this point than it does during any other time in my life, but I’m excited to see where I go from here.

I am fully aware that aging is not a glamorous process. Wrinkles, age spots, gray hair, you name it: in today’s world, there are remedies for each and every one of these, because people are afraid of showing how long they’ve been on this planet. Not to mention your body starts to give out on you (and let me specify here: I’m not looking forward to that.).

But forget the cures: I’m excited about it. Someday I hope that I have really awesome wrinkles. Not from furrowing my brow with worry or looking concerned all the time, but from laughing and smiling and enjoying life with my friends and family. I want my face to show my life, not some made-up version of it that I think people want to see. I want others to look into my eyes and see all I’ve seen. I want my hands to become weathered from working hard at my job and around my house and with my children and from holding someone else’s. I want my hair to fade from blonde to silver with time and to still brush it and think it’s beautiful. And most of all, I want to look like this because it means that I’ve lived to get there.

Doesn’t this excite you, just a little bit? I mean, why not aspire to be old and wrinkly and flabby, because it means you’ve gotten there? I want to move a little slower and really see the world. I want to feel the sun on my paper-thin skin and thank God for everything He’s given me. And I look forward to the day that I can slowly roll over in the morning, aches and pains and all, and look into my equally-old husband’s smiling eyes and know that he still loves me, as well as to do that every day from the day I get married until then.

Life is a journey, and by no means do I want to rush to the end. I love being young and quick and wrinkle-free. But I do want to get there, one day, and be one of those laughing and loving old people, still in love with life, still in love with someone, still really me.


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