Life, you are wonderful.

A couple awesome things…

1. I dyed my hair blue! Yes, yes, I do think it’s rather awesome. And the most awesomest part is the fact that it washes out in a few weeks, so I didn’t do anything to damage my hair. 😀 It looks pretty legit, if I do say so myself.

2. I HAVE A PLACE TO LIVE NEXT YEAR! My future roommates and I heard back from our first-choice apartment/duplex landlord and she said they place shall be ours! I cannot contain my excitement about this… next year is going to be great. 😀

3. I met The Ripples Guy! I’m going to be an orientation leader to freshmen next year with Davis, and he came to our training meeting last night. He was all over the place in a very entertaining way and seems quite – you guessed it – awesome. It was pretty apparent that he loves life, and I’m a fan of that. He pumped us up and made me smile. I really want a Ripples Card now. (In case you have no idea what I’m talking about, you should check out

4. I’m finally starting to wear contacts again! This is fantastic news, since I have horrendous eyesight and glasses can be a bit of a bother sometimes. I’m training myself to get used to them by increasing my wearing time of them by half an hour each day, and I’m at two hours right now – yay! I can’t wait til I get to wear them all the time.

5. Today is Davis’s and my 27-month anniversary… on April 27th! I dunno why, but it makes me quite happy. Also, I find celebrating monthly anniversaries to be fun. I realize we’re well past the usual zone for when people do that, but I don’t really care. I think that every day in doing anything is a small accomplishment and should be celebrated, so why not?

6. I’m wearing a dress – always makes me feel wonderful.

Life, you’re looking good.


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