Dancing through Life

Davis and I (along with virtually every college kid out there) love listening to music together and sharing new discoveries. A few weeks ago he showed me this band that his friend had just told him about with a techno-y feel to it. I instantly really liked it: it’s catchy, upbeat, and just the type of music you’d want to listen to to celebrate life. So I started listening to them too, since, you know, I highly enjoy living and think we should celebrate it every chance we get. The one slight dilemma I have with this band is that I can’t really tell people about them, since their name includes a word I do my absolute best never to say. Could you imagine that conversation? Me: Hi friend, you should really listen to this totally awesome new band! Friend: Oh okay, I love new music! Who are they? Me: Um, I can’t tell you… (The sad thing is, this has really happened. It usually ends with me saying, “I’ll send them to you on Facebook!”)

Anyways, enough about me not being able to really talk about them. Here’s a song by them I love, called “Hungry Ghost.” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RwNaQEVUOsc&feature=related Not only is it super catchy and very summery, it’s also got Alan Watts talking at the beginning making a very good point. Now, you may ask, who is Alan Watts? I’m still trying to find out more about him myself, but what I have learned so far is that he was a philosopher and speaker who would explain some simply-stated yet incredibly difficult concepts to people, like how to comprehend death. I’ve liked a lot of what I’ve heard from him, and I want to learn more.

Today I was talking to my really good friend about the band (who can, thank goodness, also be referred to as “STRFKR,” though how to pronounce that I know not) and she mentioned how she likes Watts too. I found this animation that Trey Parker and Matt Stone (the creators of South Park) made to one of Watts’ lectures. While I’ve watched all of the ones included on this website, I think I like this one the best (well, at least for now): http://www.freshminds.com/animation/alan_watts_life.html Watts puts his ideas in such simple terms that it makes it easy to grasp. I love his analogy of life to music – isn’t it wonderful?

We’re all given a song which is life. So many people rush from one thing to the next, always looking to the future, and don’t take time to stop and listen to life around them at this very moment. Working towards something is good, don’t get me wrong, but it isn’t what life is all about. Life is not tomorrow, or a month or a year or a decade from now. Life is what’s happening in this very instant. It’s what we’re given right now, because that’s all we’re guaranteed. We’re not promised tomorrow, so maybe it won’t really come. That’s why we have to enjoy what we have at this moment.

I want to make sure I spend my life dancing to it, not rushing through to experience the finale.

(which reminds me of another amazing song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=of03sHr0O5I… yay!)

Happy Sunday 🙂


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