A Date with Myself

I’m sitting on Davis’s bed blogging while he’s serenading me (er, jamming) on his guitar. I feel a little artsy-fartsy in a “look at how creative we’re being together” kind of way, but it’s actually really fun so far. It’s just cool to do something that we’re separately passionate about together, and it’s nice to have him here while I write. Anyways…

I’ve had a crazy week, the latter half being mostly wonderful. I had an especially excellent adventure on Friday. It began with a phone call to my sister at home, in which I lamented over how incredibly bored I was because my friends were all busy, and – oh darn – I didn’t have any homework (at least, any homework that had to get done right then) and had exhausted my Scrubs attention span. After listening to me for a couple of minutes, she suggested that I went downtown. “But I don’t have a car!” I replied, determined to keep wallowing. But she wouldn’t allow it. “Well, then take the bus!”

And I sat there and thought about it for a second. I’ve never been a fan of public transportation – I haven’t really taken the bus anywhere ever in my life, and every time I did see a bus back home, I thought about how grimy it and the people riding it looked, causing me to fear the big people-movers. But here, in our nice, safe little town, there’s really no reason to be afraid of the bus. So I said goodbye to my sister, silenced my qualms, and headed for the bus stop.

And you know what I realized? Riding the bus really isn’t that scary. It’s not scary at all, in fact! I found in the handful of times that I had gotten on the bus here that I always felt rushed and nervous that I’d miss my stop or that I’d get supremely lost and would never be able to find my way back. But on this Friday, when I (as I so bluntly told my sister) didn’t have anything better to do, I realized that I was okay with getting lost. I had my phone if worse came to worst. And if I did, it would certainly make for an adventure.

So yes. The bus. I made it downtown successfully (and didn’t get lost once!). And that was only the first part of my journey. Upon reaching downtown I was greeted with the most invigorating feeling of complete freedom. I hadn’t gone somewhere completely by myself in a long time, and this gave me quite a sense of independence. I really liked being able to decide exactly where I wanted to go and to spend however long (or short) I wanted in a store. I wasn’t holding anyone up or inconveniencing anyone by my actions. Also, I was almost completely silent during my journey – and it was really nice! After shopping for a bit, I took myself to see The King’s Speech (which was really good, by the way. Colin Firth did an amazing job playing “Bertie.”) and then ate dinner alone – margherita pizza from one of my favorite Italian restaurants. Then I decided I’d had enough (or, rather, I didn’t want to miss my bus) so I took the long bus home (in which I discovered that by hopping on the 4 I can get almost anywhere I need to go!). And actually, seeing all of these places and realizing how simple it is to ride our buses made me really want to do it again. Once home I chatted with my roommates  for a bit then watched Tangled for the first time and became completely obsessed… I love you, Disney. Then I tucked myself in and went to sleep!

My little adventure on Friday made me realize that it’s sometimes good to have time by myself. I’m a people person to the max, so when people aren’t around I quickly get bored and become quite lazy. It’s on days like these that I have to make sure to get up and do something so that I can actually enjoy my own company.


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