Life, you are wonderful.

A couple awesome things…

1. I dyed my hair blue! Yes, yes, I do think it’s rather awesome. And the most awesomest part is the fact that it washes out in a few weeks, so I didn’t do anything to damage my hair. 😀 It looks pretty legit, if I do say so myself.

2. I HAVE A PLACE TO LIVE NEXT YEAR! My future roommates and I heard back from our first-choice apartment/duplex landlord and she said they place shall be ours! I cannot contain my excitement about this… next year is going to be great. 😀

3. I met The Ripples Guy! I’m going to be an orientation leader to freshmen next year with Davis, and he came to our training meeting last night. He was all over the place in a very entertaining way and seems quite – you guessed it – awesome. It was pretty apparent that he loves life, and I’m a fan of that. He pumped us up and made me smile. I really want a Ripples Card now. (In case you have no idea what I’m talking about, you should check out

4. I’m finally starting to wear contacts again! This is fantastic news, since I have horrendous eyesight and glasses can be a bit of a bother sometimes. I’m training myself to get used to them by increasing my wearing time of them by half an hour each day, and I’m at two hours right now – yay! I can’t wait til I get to wear them all the time.

5. Today is Davis’s and my 27-month anniversary… on April 27th! I dunno why, but it makes me quite happy. Also, I find celebrating monthly anniversaries to be fun. I realize we’re well past the usual zone for when people do that, but I don’t really care. I think that every day in doing anything is a small accomplishment and should be celebrated, so why not?

6. I’m wearing a dress – always makes me feel wonderful.

Life, you’re looking good.


Dancing through Life

Davis and I (along with virtually every college kid out there) love listening to music together and sharing new discoveries. A few weeks ago he showed me this band that his friend had just told him about with a techno-y feel to it. I instantly really liked it: it’s catchy, upbeat, and just the type of music you’d want to listen to to celebrate life. So I started listening to them too, since, you know, I highly enjoy living and think we should celebrate it every chance we get. The one slight dilemma I have with this band is that I can’t really tell people about them, since their name includes a word I do my absolute best never to say. Could you imagine that conversation? Me: Hi friend, you should really listen to this totally awesome new band! Friend: Oh okay, I love new music! Who are they? Me: Um, I can’t tell you… (The sad thing is, this has really happened. It usually ends with me saying, “I’ll send them to you on Facebook!”)

Anyways, enough about me not being able to really talk about them. Here’s a song by them I love, called “Hungry Ghost.” Not only is it super catchy and very summery, it’s also got Alan Watts talking at the beginning making a very good point. Now, you may ask, who is Alan Watts? I’m still trying to find out more about him myself, but what I have learned so far is that he was a philosopher and speaker who would explain some simply-stated yet incredibly difficult concepts to people, like how to comprehend death. I’ve liked a lot of what I’ve heard from him, and I want to learn more.

Today I was talking to my really good friend about the band (who can, thank goodness, also be referred to as “STRFKR,” though how to pronounce that I know not) and she mentioned how she likes Watts too. I found this animation that Trey Parker and Matt Stone (the creators of South Park) made to one of Watts’ lectures. While I’ve watched all of the ones included on this website, I think I like this one the best (well, at least for now): Watts puts his ideas in such simple terms that it makes it easy to grasp. I love his analogy of life to music – isn’t it wonderful?

We’re all given a song which is life. So many people rush from one thing to the next, always looking to the future, and don’t take time to stop and listen to life around them at this very moment. Working towards something is good, don’t get me wrong, but it isn’t what life is all about. Life is not tomorrow, or a month or a year or a decade from now. Life is what’s happening in this very instant. It’s what we’re given right now, because that’s all we’re guaranteed. We’re not promised tomorrow, so maybe it won’t really come. That’s why we have to enjoy what we have at this moment.

I want to make sure I spend my life dancing to it, not rushing through to experience the finale.

(which reminds me of another amazing song:… yay!)

Happy Sunday 🙂


I had the best dream last night.

I was in Italy.

For the first part of it, I was at this house that I was deciding if I could rent out. I feel like my parents were there with me, but I don’t remember seeing them, so maybe they were just on the phone. The house had belonged to a couple who had fallen in love years ago. The man really tried to win over his wife, who was significantly younger (and I want to say was a nurse). While the house was empty, it was still full of furniture and memories. It really felt lived in. I wandered through it, talking to my parents somehow as I did. We were trying to figure out if we could stay there for a few days before venturing on our tour. The house was really nice, and I remember liking it very much. It was three bedrooms though, and for the two of us, we really didn’t need all that room. The master bedroom was beautiful, and I distinctly remember telling my mom back home that I wouldn’t need to buy a book light because there was a lamp by the bed (the other two rooms were quite dark, although one of them had Christmas lights strung across the ceiling!).

Then I left the house and went shopping with some friends I’d just made, who were all native Italians. There were four of them: two girls and two boys (and two of them were a very cute couple!). We stopped at this shoe store that sold what looked like lace-up TOMS which were brightly colored. Then we ventured across the street to a bigger shopping mall so that one of my friends could show me a tour-giving group that I might want to sign my us up for. The mall was much like an American mall (this, I know, will be different in real life) but it was outside. It was brightly colored and had stores in it that I recognized. (I have a feeling I got this from my recent trip to Las Vegas…) We talked to the tour people, though they didn’t have any tours immediately. But for whatever reason, I was okay with that. I was okay with figuring out how to explore Europe on my own. Because I wanted to. Really badly.

Two minor details I left out: I saw a nun wearing a name tag at the very end, which looked like it said she was from the town I’m from in America, but when I stopped her I saw that it actually said something else, and I was sorry for bothering her and sort of sad that she wasn’t a connection to home. Also, I remember purposefully leaving my cell phone at home because I couldn’t use it there anyway, but instead I carried my hairbrush around with me… why, I’m not sure.

I woke up feeling so invigorated about actually going to Italy this summer. I realize a lot of what I saw in my mind doesn’t actually exist, but I did feel the confidence I had there, and I’m hoping I can at least take that to the real place. I was skipping around everywhere in my dream, so excited  beyond all belief that I was actually there. I don’t think a smile left my face.

I don’t know what I want to “do” with my life right now, in terms of my career. A few nights ago I was floundering at this thought, questioning my major and what I was doing just because I didn’t see direction in my life. But now I realize that my dream for now doesn’t have to do with my major or career. My dream is to go to Italy, explore the world, learn and see new things. And one of the most exciting parts of that is that it’s actually going to come true.

A Date with Myself

I’m sitting on Davis’s bed blogging while he’s serenading me (er, jamming) on his guitar. I feel a little artsy-fartsy in a “look at how creative we’re being together” kind of way, but it’s actually really fun so far. It’s just cool to do something that we’re separately passionate about together, and it’s nice to have him here while I write. Anyways…

I’ve had a crazy week, the latter half being mostly wonderful. I had an especially excellent adventure on Friday. It began with a phone call to my sister at home, in which I lamented over how incredibly bored I was because my friends were all busy, and – oh darn – I didn’t have any homework (at least, any homework that had to get done right then) and had exhausted my Scrubs attention span. After listening to me for a couple of minutes, she suggested that I went downtown. “But I don’t have a car!” I replied, determined to keep wallowing. But she wouldn’t allow it. “Well, then take the bus!”

And I sat there and thought about it for a second. I’ve never been a fan of public transportation – I haven’t really taken the bus anywhere ever in my life, and every time I did see a bus back home, I thought about how grimy it and the people riding it looked, causing me to fear the big people-movers. But here, in our nice, safe little town, there’s really no reason to be afraid of the bus. So I said goodbye to my sister, silenced my qualms, and headed for the bus stop.

And you know what I realized? Riding the bus really isn’t that scary. It’s not scary at all, in fact! I found in the handful of times that I had gotten on the bus here that I always felt rushed and nervous that I’d miss my stop or that I’d get supremely lost and would never be able to find my way back. But on this Friday, when I (as I so bluntly told my sister) didn’t have anything better to do, I realized that I was okay with getting lost. I had my phone if worse came to worst. And if I did, it would certainly make for an adventure.

So yes. The bus. I made it downtown successfully (and didn’t get lost once!). And that was only the first part of my journey. Upon reaching downtown I was greeted with the most invigorating feeling of complete freedom. I hadn’t gone somewhere completely by myself in a long time, and this gave me quite a sense of independence. I really liked being able to decide exactly where I wanted to go and to spend however long (or short) I wanted in a store. I wasn’t holding anyone up or inconveniencing anyone by my actions. Also, I was almost completely silent during my journey – and it was really nice! After shopping for a bit, I took myself to see The King’s Speech (which was really good, by the way. Colin Firth did an amazing job playing “Bertie.”) and then ate dinner alone – margherita pizza from one of my favorite Italian restaurants. Then I decided I’d had enough (or, rather, I didn’t want to miss my bus) so I took the long bus home (in which I discovered that by hopping on the 4 I can get almost anywhere I need to go!). And actually, seeing all of these places and realizing how simple it is to ride our buses made me really want to do it again. Once home I chatted with my roommates  for a bit then watched Tangled for the first time and became completely obsessed… I love you, Disney. Then I tucked myself in and went to sleep!

My little adventure on Friday made me realize that it’s sometimes good to have time by myself. I’m a people person to the max, so when people aren’t around I quickly get bored and become quite lazy. It’s on days like these that I have to make sure to get up and do something so that I can actually enjoy my own company.