Good Conversations

Life’s finally slowed down for a minute, and goodness is it wonderful! This evening I had dinner with the lovely girls I will be living with next year. It was awesome good fun. We ate on campus, nothing special, but it was full of laughter and just good talks. Afterwards I went up to set up a program – Housing showed How to Train Your Dragon – and on my way back to my apartment I called home. The following conversation ensued:

Me: I just finished setting up for a program.
Mom: Ooh! What program?
Me: How to Train Your Dragon.
Mom: … But… what if you don’t have a dragon to train?

I love my mom. Well, I love my whole family, actually. I had some really great conversations with them tonight. My mom and I just laughed a lot. We always do. We’ll talk about serious stuff, and then we’ll poke fun at life and just laugh. Then my dad and I started talking about pretty deep things, like how efficiency can benefit companies but destroy lives if it’s implemented incorrectly. This is the one problem I have with my major. I don’t want to ever, ever, ever use it to jeopardize people’s well-being. I can make processes more efficient, sure. I can optimize them and tell you what the best way to do something is. But I never want to do so at the cost of the jobs of others. I don’t want to replace people with machines and take away their income, work, and life. My main goal (as of right now) is to find some way to apply what I’m learning so that human lives can benefit. How I’m going to get there, or what I’m going to do, I’m not sure yet. But I just… I really want to find a way to make people happier using everything I’m learning right now.

(This conversation was really cool too because my history class just took a quiz on this exact topic, which really made me think about it all again and connect the dots between my real life and something that happened over a hundred years ago.)

Anyways, after that discussion, my sister and I had an amazing one where I’m still not entirely sure what went down. We talked about religion and God and what she wants to do with her life. We talked about the retreat she just went on, about being sisters, about school. It was just so good for both of us. I’m so glad to have her in my life.

One more exciting thing: I bought a book on learning Italian. I realize that I already have a day calendar and other books and can listen to lessons on my iPod, but this one looked so fun! It’s colorful and full of word puzzles, and while I was standing there looking at it in the bookstore a voice came over the intercom saying that they were closing in five minutes, so I followed my impulses and bought it! I’m so excited… I think I may do the first lesson before I go to bed.

I’ve had “After the Storm” by Mumford & Sons ( playing on and off in my head all week… it’s so beautiful. Listen to it and have an amazing weekend 🙂


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