In Which I Complain about Lethargy and Get Excited About Life.

Monday nights always leave me so… lethargic. Six hours of class over a fourteen-hour span just doesn’t leave much room for my brain to be productive afterward. I just spent the last hour staring at the computer, oogling over a new pair of shoes that I want (Vibram FiveFingers – they sound SUPER comfy and like they just might fix my ankle problems!) and repeatedly checking my email and Facebook, so with the intention of maybe increasing productivity, I decided to blog just a little bit here! And then maybe I’ll kick my butt into gear and read history or something before bed.

I’m getting really excited about next quarter. I realize this quarter isn’t even halfway done yet (well, it will be come Friday… hurrah!) but I’m most certainly starting to plan ahead. One of my favorite teachers is teaching one of my favorite subjects (Operations Research – it’s awesome) and I’m just getting super stoked at the possibility of having her again for a class I think I’ll really enjoy. Add that to the fact that I’d get some more really amazing professors (both of whom I’ve heard nothing but good things about) and that 7am class would be a long-forgotten memory and voilà! I have a very wonderful quarter ahead of me.

It’s moments like these that I just get so excited to be in Industrial Engineering. I had a great time in my lab tonight learning all about improving processes by using lean manufacturing, and then got to come home and think about all the new things there are to learn. Oh goodness, does it feel right right here! And on top of that, the rest of life just looks so good as well. Sometimes I can’t get over the awesomeness of it. Well, actually, I’d really rather not. I always want to be wowed by how amazing everything is, how right everything feels. I get the feeling that God is smiling at me, and I just… I always want Him to be this happy, so I can be happy too.


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