The Strength of Studying Strength of Materials

I have come to face the fact that I will soon give my life over to my Strength of Materials class.

Yes, yes, this really is a bummer, mostly because the subject matter is boring as dirt. It’s all about stresses and how much force a rod or pipe or beam can take until it snaps. (Sounds a lot like a college student, right? I’d really not like to find out my yield strength, thanks.)

One of the reasons that it just hit me now, three weeks into the quarter, that I’m going to have to sacrifice my free time to such an atrocity is the fact that I haven’t had to take a hard-core engineering course for a year. (The last one was dynamics, and if you know me, you know how well that went… yay for switching majors!) So I kinda forgot the true dedication that goes into doing such a thing. My eyes were opened today after a short brain spasm induced by realizing I forgot to take an online quiz last night, followed by the frustration of not understanding most of the material to date, and then the realization that I can in fact succeed at this if only I put my mind to it.

Well, mind, prepare to be dedicated to this, because over the course of the next two months I’m going to kick this class in the butt.

Spending ten hours (or more) per assignment on homework? Check. Watching all the videos the professor posts to ensure comprehension? Check. Asking if I need help? Double-check… that one’s happening for sure.

It’s really cool how much your attitude can affect your performance. I could have easily given up and just refused to learn anything more from this point forward, but instead I know that I need this class to graduate (if for no other reason), that I do need to take it now (or else my four-and-a-quarter plan is thrown off), and that I really can do it.

So here’s to this quarter’s non-life… the future you will thank you. šŸ™‚


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