Cancelled Class = Writing Spree!

I just got informed that my Operations Research class has been cancelled this morning. While I definitely do enjoy OR, nothing can compare to the feeling of finding out you have an hour and a half of additional freedom than you had anticipated. Hurray! So I’m using that time to write… and then to watch Up in the Air.

Things are starting to look up again. Last week I hit a bit of a panicky slump with school and such overwhelming me. But now it’s all better. Or at least, it’s getting there. Things are falling back into place, my spirits are rising, and I’m feeling good as a person. I can feel the stress melting away. I’ve been putting in the effort I need to in homework and school, and it’s making me feel great. I also got to see my family this weekend, and Davis gave an amazing pep talk Saturday night about strength and growing as a person. I’m so grateful for all I have in my life.

I had the coolest experience on Sunday night. Or, well, it’s definitely up there. I was over at The Drake (which is Davis’s and my friends’ house) and it was cold and rainy outside – perfect conditions, if you ask me. We lit a fire in their awesome fireplace and all gathered around it to do homework. And it was wonderful. There were eight of us there: The Drake’s five residents, me, Jena (my friend Mat’s girlfriend, who’s super cool), and Dara (who I have written about previously, who’s one of our friends and is completely awesome). And it felt like family. It felt like home. Well, actually what it really felt like was the Gryffindor common room, which is too awesome for words and close enough to home for me. We talked and laughed and drank cocoa together, and it just felt right. I can’t say we were too successful at doing our work – we’re going to have to get better at that – but it was totally worth it.

(I wish I could put a picture of The Drake here… next time!)

Recently I’ve been listening to more folk-sy music, especially Fleet Foxes and Mumford & Sons. Oh, and “Home” by Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros. Wow, are they good! They’re super chill and (as lame as this sounds) they speak to me. They’ve calmed me a bit and made me smile even more.

I really hope I’m not getting sick. Something seems to be going around, and I can feel it pacing, waiting to pounce, lurking out of sight. Please, immune system, don’t give in!

That’s really all I’ve got for now. Time to watch Up in the Air!

PS – This picture just doesn’t look right:


Pep Talk

All right, thoughts. You’ve had your fun. Run your course. Tricked me into thinking it’s impossible to do all the things you need to in the next couple days. But the reality is, you’re wrong.

Yes, I had a very busy weekend, full of both fun and not-so-fun advisor-approved crazy business, but it wasn’t all bad. Sure, work kind of monopolized my time, but that doesn’t mean worry has to monopolize my mind. No, that’s something I’m in control of now. What went down this weekend, you ask? Let me tell you:

  • Writing three documentations, staying up til 6:30am to get it all done. Definitely the “highlight” but only in the sense that it’s what I’ve classified this weekend with.
  • Watching Kill Bill and subsequently downloading the soundtrack. My goodness, I cannot tell you how much I love that movie.
  • Painting my nails. Oh man, it’s the little things.
  • Davis not being here. He ‘s been at a conference with his summer internship for the past few days and just got home tonight. I was alone to face this monster of a weekend, but I succeeded. Sure, I’m limping a little, but I’ll get better in the next day or two.
  • Programs galore!
  • Making French toast for breakfast this morning. Super delicious.
  • “Boo”ing my residents – it’s a game we’re playing for Halloween on my floor. They seem excited that it’s happening!
  • Seeing Dara! I haven’t seen her since advisor training, so it was wonderful catching up with her tonight.
  • Hanging out at The Drake (my friends’ house). Always good times to be had.
  • Not really getting any homework done. Poop.
  • Making cookies! Which were wonderful and delicious! Apple Pie Cookies ( – they were seriously awesome and not too labor-intensive. Try them – you won’t regret it!

See, brain? Not all bad things! Most of them were very good! Please try to look at these from now on and have faith that you can get all your work done regardless of what it is. Don’t worry! Just breathe and look at all the good things that have happened to you today.

Oh, and PS – tomorrow will be the same way. Seek out the beauty, look at the small things. They’ll pick you up and give you strength and hope. Promise.

More Musings…

I don’t have much to say today, but I do have a few things to mention:

1. My laptop’s monitor broke a few days ago, so I am without a computer currently (or, well, at least until I get an external monitor, which hopefully will be soon). And I must say, while it hasn’t been terrible to live without a computer, it is a bit inconvenient, so posting may be few and far between until I do indeed get a new monitor. Le sigh.

2. I found the coolest website before my monitor went kaput (which was yet another reason that I’m so sad that it is broken). It’s, a site that teaches you how to speak Italian via voice lessons – for free! They have a whole bunch of different levels, and I got to listen to one of the beginner episodes before all of my technology problems, so right now, I can carry on a very basic conversation in Italian. Seriously, how awesome is that?!

3. I’ve realized something: karate is like firebending. And thinking of it like this really helps! I somehow focus more when I think, “Okay, you can do this. Push fire out of your fists. Go.” I am aware that this is an incredibly dorky thing to say to myself. But man does it feel awesome to pretend you’re in a class with other young firebenders learning how to control your power.

Commander Zhao in what appears to be a zenkutsu stance, forward punch. Which, by the way, is something I’ve totally learned (!!!).