The Other Side: Being The Helping Hand

I’ve gotten really bad about remembering to post.

It’s become a long debate in my mind, one which I just tried to narrate to show to you but yet still managed to fail. So I finally found time right here, right now to sit down and write. I’m going to write about the good stuff and graze over the not-so-good, because that’s really what gives my life light. So here goes…

These past few days haven’t been so awesome, but as promised above I’m going to make that part of my story short, since I find it depressing and, well, insignificant. Basically, I haven’t been feeling that great due to not sleeping enough, being stressed from my absolutely wonderful (but currently very time-consuming) job, getting dehydrated, not eating right – in short just not looking out for myself. I’m much better now, though still not one-hundred percent, but I am on the road to recovery!

So enough about that… onto the good part! Last night I wasn’t feeling too great (see above) and was just about to go to bed when there was a knock at my door. When I opened it, a girl rushed in and started talking a mile a minute, clearly kind of nervous and unsure of herself but in need of some kind of help. After listening for a few minutes my situationally-slow brain finally pieced together everything she was saying: she was a transfer student who was new to our school and felt out of place in her orientation group. She didn’t know who to go to and didn’t feel like talking to the advisor on her floor, so she picked me on a whim and, after taking about an hour to muster up the courage to do so, came and knocked on my door to see if I could do something about her situation for her.

At first I was kind of dumbstruck. I didn’t know what to say – our housing department is in no way related to the huge orientation program our school has in place, and since it was almost ten o’clock at night I didn’t know of anyone to call to instantly make the situation better. But then my super advisor powers kicked in and helped me to think on my feet. Orientation leader? I thought. I don’t know the regulations and policies for switching groups, but my really good friend is a leader – he could help me there. So I whipped out my phone and told him the girl’s story, to which he replied that he had room in his group and that he would be more than happy to have another member join. Twenty minutes later, my resident and I were on our way to meet her new orientation group, which was full of people she seemed to click with immediately.

I know this doesn’t seem like that great of a story. It wasn’t life-altering or anything that special. But I can honestly say that something about it brightened my week. I saw her again tonight, when I went over to my friends’ house to watch a movie with the group, and she looked so alive and happy. Yes, that’s it – happy.

When I first decided to become an advisor, I did so because I wanted to make a difference in someone’s life. I wanted to have an opportunity to actually change something for someone for the better. And just for one person too – not for all of my residents or even a handful of them – no, just for one. And now I feel like I really accomplished it. I could see it in her eyes and feel it in my heart. I went out of my way – and granted, it wasn’t very far – to help someone else. And it felt amazing.

I’m so glad that I got this chance, this opportunity. And I don’t want to be greedy by asking for another one – I got the one I asked for. But to really have the ability to bring happiness to someone else – I can’t tell you how good it feels.

Also, I can’t take all the credit for this myself – my two friends Mat and Jena are amazing leaders and definitely helped by welcoming her and making her feel at home. Together, I really do think we changed her life a little.

Life, you’re just so good sometimes.


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