Late-Night Notes

Until recently, I’ve forgotten just how much of a night owl I am.

It’s pretty cool, really, because if I really get sucked into something, be it a book or a television show or a conversation or, in tonight’s case, decorating my room, time seems to stand still completely. It’s like the night pauses until I finish whatever it is that I’m doing, and once I’m done it nods its head and says, “Okay, you’re free to go again.” But until then it’s just me and my mind, no pulling me away, no distractions.

I’m loving my new room. I moved in a week ago, and as mentioned above, I’m finally almost done decorating. And I must say, I’m doing a fabulous job. It’s like my mind opened up and exploded onto the walls, painting them with color and life. It’s the perfect room to just be in. I even put up glow-in-the-dark stars, so when the lights go off it feels like I’m outside on the grass, surrounded by the night sky. My Coldplay butterflies are back too, along with these awesome giant polka dot stickers that I wrote quotes on. It screams me, and I love it. (I can’t wait to turn the lights off and play “Fractions” really loudly. That’s going to be tomorrow night’s adventure.)

On a completely different note, I am so excited to be on staff with the people that I’m, well, on staff with. We just mesh together so well. We spent tonight showing each other different musicians and songs while creating our duty board, and a few days ago a couple of us geeked out completely in a comic book store. It was awesome. We talk about video games, graphic novels, music, cooking, movies… ahh, it’s so nice. I can be myself and really learn from these people, and not just about my job. As one of my coworkers pointed out, it’s really cool that we can hang out and get work done without feeling like we’re working too hard. I’m so excited for this year and so grateful to have such a great staff.

One more thing before I go to finish my room and sleep: with the help of some of my new friends, I’ve discovered Snow Patrol. Oh goodness, they’re really good! Especially the song “Open Your Eyes” ( – I’ve had it on repeat for the past half hour. It’s really calming and romantic. I love the lyrics; I know how he’s feeling, even if I don’t entirely know what he’s talking about. I can see myself dancing to this at my wedding someday…


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