Hello again, WordPress. Long time no write. I have to make this quick, however, because it is late and there is much to do in the day to come. But oh well, this will be something!

I realized today that I like to sew. Like, a lot. I kinda forgot how cool it feels to make something with your own hands.

When I was younger (read: from ages eight to fourteen or so) I loved anything that could be classified as “womanly” and did everything I could to learn such activities. I became obsessed with knitting, crocheting, and needlepoint and would sit alone at recess making washcloths and scarves for everyone I knew. I took quilting classes and spent most summers making friendship bracelets. I learned to embroider, stamp, and write calligraphy. At thirteen I could have been classified as the stereotypical 1950s American woman. (minus the cooking, that is – I’m working on that now…)

But then somewhere in between then and now I stopped all of my arts and crafts completely. I started studying harder, playing sports, and spending time with people, and my balls of yarn and bags of fabric began gathering dust in my closet. That aspect of my life faded away and was often forgotten until someone brought up magic words like “knit” or “calligraphy,” which would lead me to boast that once, long ago, I knew how to do such things.

So tonight, after all these years, I braved the sewing machine again to make myself a hat for my Advisor Training Graduation costume. Our theme this year is Superheroes, and our entire staff is supposed to dress as a group on different days. Our graduation theme is pretty awesome, if I do say so myself, though I shan’t mention what it is until after the fact because I want it to be a surprise just in case an advisor that isn’t part of our staff comes across this. But anyways, yes, this awesome costume, some of which needed to be sewn. And while at first I was nervous to put my rusty knowledge to the test, I quickly remembered how to do everything and really started enjoying myself. I whipped up my hat in no time and then went to work on my shirt, which also turned out rather well. I was kind of sad when I was done with it all, when everything had been sewn and I had to put it all away.

I want to exercise this knowledge more. I want to revive my nine-year-old self and start knitting again, or on a whim decide to make a quilt and actually do it. I know I have a busy year ahead of me, and I know I probably won’t get around to doing any of these things (even if I decide to bring the supplies to school with me), but I do want to remember that they are options when it comes to finding things to do.


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