Two Views

You know what’s kind of fun?

Putting your head against the side of a door so that you can see both sides of it at the same time but each with only one eye.

It’s like, you’re seeing two sides of the same world, but individually. You can feel your focus alternating from one eye to the other, and you start noticing the little things a bit more. It’s like the opposite of tunnel vision: your world opens up a little.

It’s also kind of cool to do something similar with sliding doors. We have a pair of sliding doors in my house that separates the family room from the dining room. Sometimes when my brothers are playing video games or watching TV I like to stick my head in between the doors but leave my ears out. It’s kind of cool, because you see what’s happening, but you can’t really hear it. You can feel yourself talk, but it actually sounds much different.

Try it sometime. I dunno, I think it’s kind of cool.


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