Nighttime Joy

Tonight feels like the perfect night for dancing outside. If I had it my way, I wouldn’t have 7:40am class tomorrow, and it would be socially acceptable to walk outside, hands raised, singing loudly, even though I’d be off-key. I’ve got the perfect song for skipping to in my head and the perfect place to do so. I feel alone, but not in a terrifying way. Instead, I can feel my independence inside me, waiting to burst forth on its own. My confidence dwells in me, too. I don’t need people’s approval to make good choices. If I know something is right deep down, I can choose to follow that path, regardless of the ridicule that comes with it.

Life just looks so good right now. I don’t want to pass this opportunity up, although I feel like I must. It’s in moments like these that I grow up a little.


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