Sometimes it still surprises me how much my sister has grown up.

Every once in a while I forget that she’s almost seventeen years old and still see her as the timid little girl she was a couple years ago. The girl that would burst into tears if she had to talk in front of the class. The girl that couldn’t do anything without me doing it first. The nervous yet excited girl who left our elementary school looking for bigger and better things.

And boy did she find them. Molly certainly bloomed where she was planted. She no longer followed in my every footstep but instead branched out and created some of her own. She joined clubs and showcased just how talented she is at sports. She became captain of the varsity golf team. She found a great group of friends and overcame her learning disability. She has a reputation with the teachers as well as with many students for being one of the nicest girls in school. Not to mention the fact that she’s drop-dead gorgeous.

This year she decided to run for student government (something that I didn’t have the courage to do). She wrote a magnificent speech, which she gave with confidence to the entire student body. She compared our all-girls’ high school to the family we come from… and she started crying in the middle of it. Not out of fear, which would have happened a few years ago. No, this time it was out of hope and pride with a twinge of sadness for missing her big sister. She caused most of the girls in the audience to cry too, along with some of the teachers. She blew her competition out of the water and won in a landslide. Our vice-principal was even emotional when she announced it.

Tonight I’ve been listening to songs that remind me of Molly. My sister has a knack for picking somewhat inspirational songs that usually give me goosebumps (in a good way) and make me hopeful for the future. Just listening to them makes me realize how much she’s grown up and how much I’ve missed her.

I love you, Molly, and am so incredibly proud of the amazing woman you’ve become. Thanks for always being there for me and for being one of my best friends.


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