Ringing Ears

I just got home from seeing dredg in concert. It was kind of a spur-of-the-moment thing – I saw on Facebook that they were playing in town this week and so Davis and I decided to go. We’re both teeny-tiny little fans, but we thought it would be fun anyway. Here’s what I learned there…

– I really like dredg, both recorded and live. I’ve only heard one of their CDs, which equals two of the songs they played (both of which were fantastic live). Although I did find that a little disappointing, I realized that they incorporate so many different styles and different types of art into their songs. So I have a lot to listen to!

– This being said, I really need to educate myself before the concert I’m going to on Friday. As mentioned previously, Davis and I are going to be seeing This Will Destroy You, who I know next to nothing about. I just got one of their CDs from him though, so I’m eager to listen to it while I power through my homework tomorrow.

– This was the first concert that I’ve been to in a small city. The town I’m in is mostly a college town, and while bands do stop here, the ones I like come few and far between. Usually we’ll go either to Los Angeles or San Francisco for shows, which is always fun but does involve quite a bit of driving. This time it was just nice to only have to drive for ten minutes to get to the venue, and to be able to get back home at a reasonable hour. The venue is nice and wasn’t crowded at all, so we’re going to keep our eye on it in the hopes that other bands will come play there.

– I still don’t understand the point of mosh pits. Like, seriously, who came up with the idea? Pushing people around and running into each other just doesn’t sound fun to me at all. Though of course, my hypothesis is that (almost) everyone involved in mosh pits is inebriated while participating, so clearly it doesn’t make sense to me since, for starters, getting drunk doesn’t sound like much fun either.

– I could tell in the way that Gavin Hayes (the lead singer) was singing that he really truly felt the music and loved what he was doing. There was some passion about him that was awe-inspiring at times. He is truly following his dream, even if, as he mentioned, he’s broke doing so. I realized that if I could do anything with my life, it would be to create art too. I want to write, to reach out to people and teach them something, touch them somehow. Instead of being onstage performing music, I’d be able to travel to different places and just write. That – well, this – is my form of expression and artwork, and someday I hope to be able to share it with more than just the handful of people that read my blog.

dredg and so many other artists have given me something to dream and reach for, and I’m excited at the prospects of that. For now, though, I must go to sleep so I can get up and be an engineer tomorrow.


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