Weekend Play-by-Play

Good weekend!

Thursday: went to an open house with Aaron, Connor and Anna. The house wasn’t that great, but it was fun anyway. Later, in between rounds, we played Apples to Apples, drank hot chocolate, and watched Avatar: The Last Airbender. I also made s’mores with my friend Kristen.

Friday: much needed sleep, then after not really doing anything for a few hours, Anna and I decided to go downtown. We went to Urban Outfitters and ogled at the clothes that are too expensive for us to own and laughed over the hilarious book selection and the knowledge each work contained. Then we went next door to Coalition, again to ogle over expensive yet super comfy Toms that I really want to buy, then to Powell’s Candy Shoppe, which was amazing as usual. There we picked up Star Wars Mad Libs, which we have yet to try, and Anna bought butterscotch striped candy sticks which were sooo delicious. We had Firestone avocado sandwiches for dinner along with a big basket of fries and went on to mull around a bookstore while we waited for the bus to take us back to campus. In the bookstore we found a very depressing book about a sexually abused child… we still don’t really know who the main target audience was for it.

Saturday: went to a program my friend Shannon was having, where we painted coffee filters with watercolors and turned them into parachutes for army men when they dried. We then proceeded to throw them off the parking structure and see whose man took the longest to fall. Mine ended up winning, and I got two epic foam swords because of it. After that, James and Mat and I worked on our Materials Engineering project and came up with an epic idea of what to do (pictures to hopefully be included later). I then went home and baked amazing red velvet cupcakes from scratch… mmm, they were delicious! After that I went to Relay for Life, which we were having on campus and that Davis was participating in. It was just fun to be there. I was involved with it in high school, and I always love the atmosphere of Relay. We walked around the self-made track a few times then wandered around the business buildings like we sometimes do. He then walked me home, where I hung out with my roommates and went to bed.

Sunday: I’m so proud of myself – I finished one section of the paper a group of us have to write…  before noon. For a struggling recovering procrastinator, this is a big deal! After that I got Full Metal Alchemist from one of my friends, then went out to lunch with Kristen. We had a great time catching up with each other, and I realized that I really miss her. Afterward I came home and had craft time with Anna (hopefully pictures will come later for this too), then went out to dinner with Davis. We watched Mask of Zorro,  which I’d never seen before but really liked. Then back home I went to try to do some homework… which I worked on a little, then Anna, Meredith and I took each others’ Facebook “quizzes” and created a hilarious new one relating to our apartment. Davis and I also found out that two awesome bands are playing this week that are relatively close to us, so we’re going to see Dredg tomorrow and This Will Destroy You on Friday.

This morning, which is technically still the weekend for me (hehehe): I covered my friend’s desk shift for her and wrote another part of the paper (*pats self on back*) and took a field trip for my desk manager with my friend Liam to get more laser printer ink. And now I’m here. Woohoo!

I realize this isn’t really that exciting – I mean, it’s the play-by-play of the past few days, so really, how thrilling can it be? But that’s not the point. The point, rather, is that I had a great time this weekend and spent time with so many people. It put me in such a good mood for this week. It flashes back to me in little blips: Anna and I sitting on the floor in our hallway, threading needles and tying knots; throwing my army man off of the parking structure and watching the wind catch him; cracking my glowstick at Relay in remembrance for those who have suffered from cancer; taking a walk with Davis on Saturday night… I could go on and on. I am content, I am happy, and I am excited for what this week and next weekend hold for me.


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