Looking at deviantART always gives me such inspiration. Especially when listening to good music.

It’s like, the people on that site are all so talented. They make something beautiful and can really give it to the world. I am so inspired when I look at the work on there, especially if I know the person that made it. One of my friends is a really good photographer, so every once in a while I’ll look at his deviantART profile and just be amazed by what he’s produced. He never really talks about it, never really shows off or says, “Hey! Look what I’ve done!” Instead it waits to be discovered, like a treasure buried deep underground or money you left in your pocket that you later find by accident.

There’s another blog too that I recently discovered that has the same effect on me. It’s full of bright happy pictures that this girl in New York takes, pictures that practically scream me. I mean, they’re just so full of life. I stare at them, thinking, “Wow. I wish I could do that. I wish I had that much creativity, that much time, that much drive to produce something so incredible.”

And the thing is, I’m going to try to. Just sitting here wanting to be better and more creative isn’t going to make me that way – no, I actually have to work at it. I have to explore, unveil, concoct, see, create. I want to give the world my perspective, what life looks like through my eyes, and that isn’t going to happen naturally.

May is National Photograph Month, so it’s my goal to take a picture of something every day. I’d also hope to write about it too, but I can’t make any promises there.

If you want to see the amazingness that I talk about above, go to,, and


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