Avril 14th

I’m looping it again.

This song had its perfect moment a few hours ago. I was sitting in the study room starting to review for my physics midterm later this week when I glanced up. It was nothing monumental – just the clear blue sky with a few puffy white clouds strewn across it. But it made me stop, and I got lost in it and in the simple notes of the song, which was playing quietly in my ears.

To me this song represents just what the sky does: the rain is over. When I had to go to class not-so-bright and early this morning it was pouring; now it’s crisp, cool, and clear. I love the rain more than I can express right now: it’s so simple and fresh and renewing. It’s cleansing and silent, even through the sound of it on the roof. But it’s moments like these, when it moves over and the sky becomes clear again, that really take my breath away.

So simple. So overlooked. All expressed in this song.

Go listen to it. It will bring the sun out for you, too.


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