Long day. Hard day. Too much to do, no time for it. Thoughts race through your mind as you lay there, faster and faster, making it extremely difficult to breathe and try to relax. Inhale, hold, exhale; it will all be okay. After a while, your mind slows down and the world melts away.

After leaving the land of the real and entering only your own mind, time seems to stop indefinitely. Here is a whole new world where you float lightly along the unconscious instead of trying to keep up with your brain. It enables you to dabble here and there in things you don’t even think are possible. The strangest thoughts sometimes linger with you, giving you one more thing to ponder during your waking hours in attempt to unravel them and figure them out. But most of the time these wild fantasies are lost forever, never to be seen again. Your brain carries on, secretly working on your real-life problems behind the mask of your dreams. These fleeting minutes seem to last for eternity, and you unknowingly but gratefully accept them. You are forever trapped in the bliss of the unreal – that is, until your alarm clock screams at you to wake up again, forcing you back into the harsh and repetitive reality of life, where you only long for sleep once more.


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