My Friend Dara

I’m so lucky to have the friends that I do.

I spent most of today with my friend Dara. We got together this morning to study, which is normally our excuse for hanging out (since we’re both advisors, fairly studious, and always super busy). And in normal hang-out fashion, we got to talking.

And it’s just in talking with her, in the moments where we’re doubled over because we’re laughing so hard, or the ones where we’re using our hands to gesture what we mean because we can’t find the words, or the ones where we’re holding each other so tightly to try to hold back tears, that I’ve found another true friend.

We’re two girls wandering the earth just trying to figure things out and enjoying every second of it.

I’m so appreciative to have her as a friend. She’s incredibly gifted both academically and musically, and her happiness, hope, and beliefs rub off on me. She makes me want to be my very best, and by being herself teaches me to never waver in what I truly believe. We are such similar people that I feel like I can relate to her on almost every level. She’s strength for me: sometimes, when I feel like I’m battling the world, I can look to her and see she’s fighting it too. We’re in the same boat, we think the same way. I feel like I’m failing with words tonight, that this can’t do her justice, but she’s truly an amazing person and I am so incredibly thankful to have her in my life.

It’s hard some days when the world around me is so ridden with darkness, when everyone is telling me that things are okay when I know they really aren’t, when people jump to the worst conclusions but when those conclusions no longer seem bad to them – it’s hard to keep fighting and to listen to that little voice inside. So it’s nice to have Dara there, someone who walks with me, who sees it all the same way I do, the lone battler who doesn’t think I’m crazy but instead thinks I’m right, too.


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