Rabbit Hole

It’s the simplest things that sometimes end up looking the coolest.

Take a glass of water, for example. On the outside, it’s so plain – just a clear cup holding the liquid that keeps us alive, something that we take for granted. But tip it up and take a sip, and you could see a whole new world. It’s a rabbit hole made up of reflections and swirling colors. Light bounces off the ridges and the world starts turning upside down. Pictures are splitting, things go backwards, nothing looks right, but it’s not alarming. Instead, it’s beautiful. You fall into it, and for an instant it takes you far away from the noise and stress of our normal, everyday life.

It’s all about how you look at things. Like sure, really, this is all just in the instant that you take a sip of water, and without looking, without paying attention, you might (and probably will) miss it altogether. But the point is that the beauty is there, if we take a second to find it and appreciate it. It’s around us, waiting to be found and enjoyed.


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