This song makes me feel so alive.

It’s the song of happiness, of hope, of love. It draws me in and surrounds me, giving me encouragement when I need it most. It makes everything that much more magical, the world around me more beautiful, more special, more tangible, more real. I can feel the life in it, and it becomes mine. The rhythm is my heartbeat. Her voice is soothing and wonderful, taking me down a different emotional path each time I hear the song. Every note is like a new adventure just waiting to be had. I can feel God in this song, feel Him smiling.

I could listen to it on repeat for hours, never tiring of it. My dream is to sit in the dark and turn it up really loud, letting it fully surround me and engulf me in its awesomeness. I see colors swirling in front of me in the dark and my soul dancing to it.

This, by the way, is where I got the title to my blog from: it’s the misheard lyric from this song. It’s called “Fractions” by Decoder Ring.

Go listen to it. Turn off all the lights, close your eyes, and let your soul journey too.


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